Summer Season Team Preview: iGX

August 12, 2017 11:12

As Critical Ops begins to grow, so does one of the most crucial regions, Asia. Over this past year, we have seen many teams grow through this region. Most of whom have just shown up on the radar. One of those teams is iGX, or most notable known as, GMS. 

Former GMS (now iGX) is one of the lead clans in Asia, with its members originating from the Japan-Korea region. iGX broke ground after an astonishing 4th place finishes in Valiance's Winter Season, but failed to place top 3 after losing to Hammers Esports (now Kings Uprising), and the Brazilians of NiA. The East Asian team tried to make a come back in Spring Season but ended failing, going out in the first round of qualifiers. During the off season, the former GMS squad changed its name to iGX and expanded its roster to the Singaporean region. With the Asian scene still an unknown area, many don't know what this roster has to offer, but many will soon find out this coming season. 

Quick Note: Wraith, a long time iGX/GMS member will most likely not be playing this season as he will be doing military service, I wish him the best and hope he comes back safe to play in future valiance tournaments!

TOY's Prediction: With the addition of some top tier players from Singapore this roster does have some potential to it, but overall I don't see this team making it out of groups. They will probably receive the second or third place, depending on the rest of the teams who qualify for the group stage.


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