SSG's Evolve gets banned for cheating

April 24, 2018 21:07

The first round of Critical Ops Spring Invitational isn’t over yet and we already have some bad news for all Critical Ops fans.

Recently, we wrote an article about the upcoming North American superteam - “SpacestationGG”.

With their lineup, which features the likes of “Kam”, ”Obzerps” and “ Alpha”, they had a great chance to shake up the rankings in the North American region and challenge the top teams.

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Today, we’re announcing that Masta Woo (Evolve) has been caught cheating by the Critical Ops developers and has been banned from the game.

Consequently, he has also earned a lifetime ban from taking part in any of the upcoming Valiance events.

It has also been confirmed that he cheated during the Critical Ops Spring Invitational.

During their match versus "IFL" in the Quarter-Finals, he was a pivotal player for his team, as he had the most frags on both maps that were played. (24/11 Canals, 19/5 Legacy)

We will count their match as a default lose since “Evolve” took part in them. (13-0, 13-0).

Due to these circumstances, “SpacestationGG” is eliminated from the tournament, however, they will be allowed to take part in the future tournaments.

This means that "IFL" is going to face "Gankstars" in the Semi-Finals to decide who is going to advance to the Grand Finals of the “AMERICAS” bracket.

We’re saddened by the fact that there are still individuals who resort cheating to gain an edge, especially when they have the skills to make it to the top of the rankings in a legit manner.

Let’s hope this is the last time we see a top tier player gets banned for using cheats.

Keep on playing, practicing and improving.

With enough time and dedication, the results will come your way.

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