SetToDestroyX coming to LAN with two stand-ins

June 17, 2018 15:27

Team SetToDestroyX didn't excel in the last two online tournaments during the Critical Ops Winter Season and Spring Invitational.

Both times, their hopes were crushed by the arguably strongest team in the region – Team Elevate.

They were forced to change their lineup a bit for the upcoming LAN event, as two of their players can’t make it, so they are going to use two stand-ins.

Here is SetToDestroyX’s lineup for the event:

- Exo

- Zen

- Akjon

- Illshotz

- Mr.Bates

To see what's been going on with the team before the tournament, we had a chat with their captain – Mr.Bates.


You lost to Team Elevate in the elimination matches In both Critical Ops Winter Season and Spring Invitational (both times 0-2).

Can you tell us what went wrong for your team during these matches?

Our main issue against team Elevate is the fact that we can't counter their aggressive playstyle.

We play fairly passive and Elevate is just really aggressive in their playstyle and they have the aim to back it up.

Considering you haven't made it into top 3 during the last two seasons, is there any particular reason why you haven't made any roster changes until now?

We didn't make any roster changes, because I strongly believe that each and everyone in this team has what it takes and I'd rather dig down deep to get it out of them than just replacing players because we haven't placed first yet.

This is a team game and the fact that we don't win is not the fault of one or two players.

It's the fault of the team and we just have to work on it instead of blaming a single person and replacing him.

You've been invited to the first ever Critical OPS LAN event.  

Which players are going to represent SetToDestroyX there?

Well, we will have three players from the team going which are „Exo“, „Zen“ and "I", and then we also have 2 stand-ins which are „Akjon“ and „Illshotz“.

What do you expect “Akjon” and “Illshotz” will bring to the team?

"Akjon" is a smart player with great in-game skill.

We know that the chemistry might not be there since we haven't really played with each other much in the past but I know "Akjon" will adapt to the team fairly quickly and will drop a lot of frags.

"Illshotz" did not play for any team before.

I know most people question my decision on asking „Illshotz“, but I was on a time schedule and had to reach out to someone who wasn't playing for any of the invited teams (I also didn't know which teams were invited at the time so I couldn't just go around asking people if they wanted to play for us at LAN).

Since this was the case,  I reached out to „Illshotz“ because I knew he'd be available and I know he has good in-game skill.

I have no doubt that he will play well.

What does it mean for you and your team to be one of the six invited teams?

Obviously its great.

It means a lot to us, being able to go to the first LAN event for this game is a great opportunity and representing SetToDestroyX there is just simply amazing.

I just wish we could've gone with the entire lineup and wouldn’t have to resort to using stand-ins.

But nonetheless it’s going to be a great experience.

How is your team preparing for the event and have you made any changes to your playstyle?

We've been tweaking our playstyle a bit yes.

We've been playing a little bit more aggressive lately since we did play way too passive in the past, but overall we just have to work on our team play.

Basic stuff like communication and playing as a team instead of 5 individuals.

Does anyone on your team have any experience playing in the offline environment or this is the first time for all of you?

The only one who's had some experience with LAN events (be it smaller ones) is „Exo“, from his days as a CSGO semi-professional.

For everyone else, this is a first time.

You will face strong competition at the LAN.

Who do you see as the toughest opponent and why?

Our hardest opponent will most likely be Gankstars.

We're playing on their turf and they will have a full line up from GS while most other teams will use stand-ins.

Also the fact that GS has been playing out of their minds the past few tournaments.

What place would satisfy you and are you feeling any pressure as the event approaches?

We would be satisfied with a top 4 place (but of course we are aiming for that number 1 spot) and of course, there is some pressure.

This is gonna be a huge event with lots of viewers and a potential new organizations that could join the scene afterward, which should improve the competitive scene.

Anything you wish to say to your fans, the teams you will meet at the event or haters?

I wanna say thank you to the fans who still support us strongly even though we haven't been performing well enough lately, it means the world to us.

To the teams we're meeting at the event, I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope we will have a great time meeting each other for the first time and not behind a screen.

SetToDestroyX are surely the underdogs in this event and it will be interesting to see if they can perform better than before with the help of the two new players.

We wish them the best of luck.

Do you think SetToDestroyX can surprise us?

Let us know if the comments how you feel about their chances at the event.

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