Sensei E-Sports might be a serious contender in Europe

March 12, 2019 16:31

Sensei E-Sports is one of the up and coming teams in the European Critical Ops scene.

In the recent past, they managed to upset Team Elevate in one of the online cups.

This prompted us to make an interview with them and learn more about the team itself.

ClouD is the one answering the questions.


Tell us a short story about how your team was created.

We have a great history behind the name.

Being as brief as possible, everything started in 2012 when Eric Biggs decided to create Pulse Esports.

The team was growing when he made the decision to sell Pulse and found the Enigma that later had the name changed to Sensei.

The Critical Ops team was created around 2016/17.

Thanks to our leader Mangiz who managed to put the Sensei in within the top 10 teams in Europe.

That’s the reason why he is very respected among us.

Looking at your team roster, which member would you point out from the lineup as the most prominent one?

The player who best represents the team is undoubtedly TryToKill.

He is a great captain because he is always here for the team and he knows when to be playful and when to be competitive.

We have a great team led by him each with his strengths and weaknesses.

Everyone respects each other, everyone has their jokes and arguments.

I look at our team as a big family not only the players but the administrative staff as we all work together to take this clan to another level.

Have you taken part in any ESL cup yet and what were your results there?

In the last tournament we played we won two games and we lost one against team Exalt.

We played badly in this match due to our bad shape.

In the other cups, we won three games and one of them was against team AbsenT.

Later on, we lost to team Exclusive in a very close matchup.

We had more appearances in ESL, but I will not mention them all because it would be a lot to tell.

Recently, you've managed to beat Team Elevate in of the online cups.

Can you tell us more about that?

When I learned that we were going to play the finals against the Elevate, I was like, "Woow".

We had a big game ahead of us and I knew we had to be psychologically prepared to beat them.

But I also knew that we had a lot of chance to win, with our players in very good shape and with the strategy we developed, we had a chance to do it.

However, after the game, I was asleep when I agreed with a message "Big game against Team Elevate!"

I already knew what it was, but then I jumped out of bed and opened the discord with surreal speed, and it was true we had even won against the Elevate.

What are your thoughts on the European scene now that Dynasty is inactive and how would you rate the current competition?

From what I see the competition is still there but not as it was before.

You do not see many great teams participate in the big events.

Would you say Critical Ops is going in the right direction?

At the moment, we're missing Valiance events as this brought great attention to the game.

I still think that the best Critical Ops phase is ahead of us.

Are you planning to participate in the Team Liquid cup and how important do you think it is to have such an organization enter the Critical Ops scene?

Playing in a Team Liquid cup is a possibility, and a great show since all good organizations are playing there.

The game needs impulse and it's that sort of thing, that kind of organizations that will bring it all back to the game

We lost something and as I said earlier it is still possible to bring it back and the Liquid Cup is proof that there is still hope.

What are your goals for the next 3-6 months?

My next goals for the next few months are to try to get the team closer and closer to the professional level.

Also, I'd like to grow more contacts and potentially land a sponsorship deal for the team.

I will work very hard together with our CEO and if we continue to work as we have done nothing stop us.

Very sure that a lot will come and only God knows the future so we hope he is on our side.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

All dreams are possible, no matter how difficult it is, if we really want to do it we give everything for everything, it's by the chance people climbed Mount Everest.

Define your goal as if it were the Everest and try to get to the top of it, my mount Everest is Sensei - what is yours?

Team Sensei E-Sports is already making a new for themselves.

Do you see them as the potential threat to the European’s finest?

Let us what you think in the comments below.

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