S2 Gaming is aiming for the number one spot

November 7, 2018 14:33

The first week of European matches in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational is going to be played this Sunday!

Things are looking pretty interesting right now, as a lot of teams have changed players in their starting roster.

S2 Gaming made it into the Semi-Finals of the Summer Season and their goals are set even higher for this one!

To understand what’s been happening behind the curtain, we’ve asked their manager (xrnavkha) a couple of questions.


Can you please tell us what players will represent you in the Autumn Invitational?

Sure, our roster for the Autumn Invitational so far is;








Not so long ago, you had two of the more known Throne players in the lineup - ("Loxii" and "Thierry") - did they leave the team, or you just decided they are not a good fit?

The story behind the departure of "Loxii" is that he had some issues with his internet connection and motivation, so he was unable to practice with the team.

As a result, "Loxii" decided to take a break for a while and regain his level and try to fix his internet, so he joined a smaller team that wasn't as competitive.

It's possible that you see "Loxii" in S2 again in the future,

In terms of "Thierry", personal issues and demotivation came in the way so he decided to step down as a competitive player.

He's still around in S2, just not playing competitively.

In the team, there are 3 players that used to play for Nova Esports - "GeNeS1s", "Sneaky", and "NaYmad".

Do you feel that experience like this will give you an edge in the Autumn Invitational?

I'd say while all three of them are skilled players.

However, even with them in the team last season, we struggled at the beginning.

The main idea for the team is to get an edge by working together, not by relying on the individual play of 2 or 3 players.

Vision Gaming, SetToDestroyX and Team Elevate are also playing.

Who do you think is going to be your hardest opponent here and why?

I would say Vision Gaming.

The fact that they have kept stable lineup for so long is quite an achievement and I am sure it will show when they play.

In terms of the other two teams, while they are incredibly skilled, the overall instability that seems to be plaguing them might hurt them in the Autumn Invitational.

What are your goals for the Autumn Invitational, and what result would satisfy you and your team?

Our goals for the Autumn Invitational are to win it, and the team would be satisfied with winning it.

If you make it past the Semi-Finals, you will meet one of the Asian teams.

What are your thoughts on their scene and do you think Europe is stronger than their region?

Being someone that is in touch with the Asian scene as well as the European scene, it's clear to see the competitiveness and skill of Asian players.

A lot of people underestimate this scene but in all honesty, if it comes down to the finals, it will be quite an interesting game and we're going to have to put in a lot of effort to win it.

I wouldn't say Europe is stronger, I'd say it's more of a close tie.

Anything you want to say to the fans and followers of S2 Gaming?

Only to keep their eyes open and expect great things.

S2 Gaming is a formidable force even with the roster changes.

We’re almost certain that no team is going to have an easy time against them.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that they can give us a lot of good games!

You can follow S2 Gaming at - @S2Gaming

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