Royal Hog and Giant Snowball Tips

July 5, 2018 17:01

Around a week ago, Clash Royale released two new cards named the Royal Hogs and the Giant Snowball.

Let’s talk about these new exciting cards and how to use them!

The King’s personal pets are loose! They love to chomp on apples and towers alike - who let the hogs out?!

The Royal Hogs are a rare card that is unlocked when you reach the Hog Mountain (Arena 10).

This card spawns four very quick miniature hogs with helmets (having 600 health each).

They have decent hit points, but somewhat low damage output.

Like their bigger cousin, the Hog Rider, they can jump over the river and go directly for Buildings and Towers.

The Royal Hogs cost 5 elixir to deploy.

According to Supercell, these Hogs will be great against cards that normally counter the Hog Rider.

With the introduction of this card, the Bowler is suddenly a very strong card in the Arena.

Strategy and Tips for the Royal Hogs

The Royal Hogs are a very fast swarm unit and due to their numbers traditional methods for countering a Hog Rider usually don’t work.

Due to their speed and ability to jump over the river, the Royal Hogs are excellent at rushing at the start of the game for easy damage, if your opponent doesn’t react on time.

Dropping the Royal Hogs to take care of buildings is a good idea unless you're up against a Bomb Tower as splash damage completely annihilates them.

Using a Clone spell to create more Hogs may take your opponent by surprise and by the time they react, the Tower may be gone!

The Graveyard is another card that synergizes well with the Hogs.

Even if the opponent has splash units on hand, they would need to decide whether to counter the Hogs or the Graveyard.

Due to the nature of this card, I would actually recommend sending these Hogs in alone if your opponent just used his splash cards or started a heavy Golem push at the back.

Royal Hogs raged up at tournament standards do about the same damage to a Tower as the Elite Barbarians.

That Tower will go down pretty fast!

You can split the Royal Hogs at the bridge to take your opponent by surprise.

This also works great with the 3 Musketeers split.

If absolutely necessary the Hogs can act as mini tanks and soak up some damage to protect your “glass cannon” troops or even kite support units away from the main tank so you can take care of the enemy one by one!

These guys are GREAT when it comes to destroying buildings.

A favorite tactic of mine is to send them in to take care of the opponent Building (say, an Inferno tower) and then send in the actual win condition!

If the opponent drops their Elixir Collector right in front of the King Tower, you can actually split the Hogs in such a day that one Hog will run to the Collector and the other 3 will each split to the other two Arena Towers!

How neat is that?

Great Snowball: It’s HUGE! Once it began rolling down Frozen Peak, there was no stopping it. Enemies hit are knocked back and slowed down.

The Giant Snowball is unlocked when you reach the Frozen Peak (Arena 8).

It is a spell card that deals relatively low damage within a 3 tile radius.

The snowball will slow down all units inside its radius for 2 seconds and will also knock back just about any troops (except the heaviest ones).

The Giant Snowball is a common card and costs 2 elixir to use.

According to Supercell, they wanted another card that can replicate the success of other cheap spell cards such as the Log and the Zap.

Strategy and Tips for the Giant Snowball

The Giant Snowball is a great card to finish off low hitpoint troops and push them away if they make it to your Princess Towers.

This push mechanic can also disrupt enemy pushes by knocking them back and giving you time to either attack or defend. Awesome for crowd control!

This mechanic can force enemy troops into favorable positions such as pushing the Princess into Tower range or splitting a massive push and it make easier deal with it.

It can also deal with the Goblin Barrel with proper timing and help from the Princess Tower.

With the right timing, you can use the Snowball to clear a path through the defending troops to the Tower.

The Snowball can also be used as a Zap or a Log if necessary, but only use it as described if you have no other counters available.

The snowball can’t one-shot Goblins or Minions, but it can kill them with the help of the Ice Golem’s death nova or the Ice Spirit.

It can also push back a Hog Rider to make sure you don’t take any Tower damage (make sure you have other supporting troops ready though).

Once the Three Musketeers are on low health, wait for the opponent to start a push at the Bridge and Snowball all of those units for a good elixir value.

You can also use it to also make enemy units target other units or push them into another lane.

It’s possible to use the Snowball to actually knock the Miner from your Princess Tower to your King Tower!

However, this is only possible when the Miner is closest to your King Tower.

With the help of cards such as the Fire Spirits you can completely shut down opposing pushes that start with cards like the Elite Barbarians.

It’s a great card to use in cycle decks and will absolutely slowly creep into the meta!

Hope these tips help.

See you in the Arena!

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