Roster update for Valiance&Co CSGO team

November 3, 2018 19:27

Esports is a challenging industry.

Its fast moving, exciting, young, dynamic, full of opportunities.

Working in this diverse industry, you quickly realize it’s only the amount of passion that separates you from the rest of the competition.

We at Valiance&CO most certainly don’t lack that passion.

After all, we made sure it’s backed and built by a team that didn’t get up in the morning to “go to work” but a team that shared a dream of making Valiance&CO one of the greatest esports organizations.

Today, we take another step forward.

When Valiance&CO first ventured into esports by signing Binary Dragons' roster back in 2017, we went through a rollercoaster of emotions and although we managed to surprise ourselves more than once, it’s no secret last few months weren’t really going in our favor.

To get back on track, we had no choice but to make drastic changes.

We were soon approached by a few players that recognized and shared our core values and expressed the desire to play under our wings.

Having discussed if that really was the right choice to make, we quickly realized we wanted them in our team as well.

Although this turn of events came in like a flash, we truly do see it as that little push we needed to finally make the impact we always wanted to make.

Emi, Impulse and jayzaR, we thank you for your hard work and relentless belief.

Being benched at the moment, they remain part of the team taking up new roles within the organization; Emi will now work as a full-time analyst while Impulse and jayzaR remain backups.

Without further ado, we present you the new roster:

Main Lineup











Nexa, EspiranTo and ottoNd, welcome to the team!

We're fortunate to have you play under our name and there is no doubt we are now looking at a better, brighter future.

A big thanks to team Imperial, their team manager 'Neil Murphy', and CEO 'Oli Adams' for allowing this transfer to happen in a timely manner.

Our goal as an esports organization in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is simple – establish ourselves as one of the top 16 teams in the world and be able to compete against any team out there.

That being said, we would like to give a big shoutout to all of the partners that are supporting us while we turn Valiance&CO into one of the biggest esports brands in the world.

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