Regional YouTube stars turning casters

June 30, 2017 10:38

As many of you already know, Valiance is on its way to becoming the number one game platform in mobile eSports. Yes, we are humble like that.

Although we already have a very diverse and awesome team we are always eager to add new interesting members. So one day we decided to find someone who is driven by the same things as we are, is already producing some kind of content and wants to both learn and teach.

After browsing the internet far and wide we handpicked two names that seem like a perfect fit – viewer friendly, innovative and fascinating.
We are happy to present Pvt. Molester & Mox Rider - two of the more promising YouTube stars in our region. Both of them are already kinda famous for their Clash Royale YouTube coverage.

We quickly agreed that we can all help each other and it's in our interest to create something intriguing together. So from now on you will hear and see both much more of these two gentlemen during our Clash Royale streams.
Make sure to check them out and leave a like and subscribe if you are interested in some high-quality Clash Royale content by these highly skilled seasoned veterans.

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