Recent VALIANCE&CO csgo team results and GG.BET Shuffle closed qualifier invitation

September 9, 2018 18:37

Our CSGO team was very busy in the past two weeks, playing in a couple of important online qualifiers.

After passing the IEM Chicago Open Qualifiers with some huge wins under our belt (Imperial, Chaos), we weren't quite able to find our form in the Close Qualifiers.

In the first match of the Closed Qualifiers, we ended up playing Gambit, a team who managed to win the Major Championship back in Krakow.

During the opening match of the series, we brought our A-game to the table by winning Inferno with 16:4 scoreline.

After that, we showed some resilience, however, we were unable to win the series in the end, falling on both Train (9:16) and Cache (16:19).

Still, this was a great showing for us considering we made a roster change not so long ago.

After that, we matched up versus Heroic in the elimination part of the bracket.

The series didn't really go as we planned, resulting with us being eliminated from the qualifier.

In the next online qualifiers for EPICENTER 2018, our paths with Chaos crossed again.

This time, the match was a bit closer, but thanks to a superior decision making in the last rounds of the match, we got the victory on Inferno (16-14).

The Semi-Finals brought Sharks to our table.

Even though we lost the opening map Cache (13:16), we bounced back on Inferno with a convincing showing (16:5).

After that, we ended up playing not an ideal Counter-Terrorist half on Nuke.

This resulted with us losing the series (13:16).

Now, we've just received a Closed Qualifier invite for the upcoming event (GG.BET Shuffle) which is set to run from September the 25th until October the 20th.

The event is divided into the four phases;

•    Open Qualifiers

•    Closed Qualifiers

•    Main Stage

•    Final Stage

It will feature a total of 20 teams, with 16 teams being directly invited and four will be determined after the open qualifiers are concluded.

Here is the list of teams that are already invited to the Closed Qualifiers;

•    Pro100

•    DreamEaters

•    Valiance

•    Alternate aTTaX

•    forZe

•    LDLC

Looking at the teams that are taking part in this phase, we have more than decent chances to advance into the Mainstage, where the likes of Virtus Pro, AGO, Windigo and Sprout are waiting.

It's also important to note that the matches will be played in best-of-three, double elimination format.

Two more teams are invited directly to the Final Stage of the event (OpTic and ENCE).

A lot is on the line here for this event, since the winner will secure a slot at the IEM Chicago offline finals which are scheduled for the beginning of November.

10000$ is also up for the grabs for the second and third place.

For those of you that are not aware, we’re currently running an awesome giveaway, where you have a chance to win - Butterfly Knife | Night | Field-Tested.

Here is the link to it -

Do you think we have a good chance for the upcoming GG BET Shuffle?

What team do you see as a threat for us?

Let us know in the comments!

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