Recap: Winter Season Open Qualifiers

February 14, 2018 15:14

Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers are over and now we know the 8 new teams that will be aiming for the top spot in their regional Group Stages.

Some of them had an easy run through their bracket, while others had to roll up their sleeves and get to work in order to qualify.

Here is what happened in each of the regions.


No Mercy” completely dominated their side of the bracket and they haven't lost a single round in the qualifiers. Impressive, to say the least!

In the final match they managed to beat „Hell Razors“ with a convincing 13:0 scoreline on Legacy.

They proved once again that they truly belong in the Group Stage.

On the other side of the bracket, an up-and-coming Japanese team (Team AYX) secured themselves a spot as well.

They did have a hard time in the first round where they dropped 8 rounds to “Secret”, but it was smooth sailing from there on.

They dominated team “Nuclear Winter” in the final match on Canals and qualified with a 13:0 score.


Kings Uprising” had some commanding performances until the Finals where they faced „Sky2Fly C-Ops“.

Sky2Fly C-OPS“ brought their A game, but it wasn’t enough as “Kings Uprising” won the match 13:9 on Canals.

In the second part of the bracket, we've seen „SetToDestroyX“ come out on top. Their run was impeccable.

They haven’t lost a single round until the finals.

In order to qualify, they had to face team „Throne“ on Plaza, and that ended up being an exciting match.

In the end „SetToDestroyX“ won it with by 4 rounds and grabbed their spot in the group.

South America

Both of the final matches were forfeited by the teams („Screen shot“ and „Never Believed“).

This allowed „New Era Team“ to once again play in the Group Stages where they already had some great performances during the last season.

It is a bit surprising to see that they almost lost in the second round of the qualifiers versus „Inovva Bulls“, where they only won the match with by 2 rounds.

In the second part of the bracket, a known South American team „NT Gaming“ also made it through.

Only „Brazilian Alliance of Nerds“ managed to cause them some trouble by grabbing 7 rounds in their match.

North America

Impreza” had a great run in the upper part of the bracket and didn’t lose a single round until the finals.

They had to go up against „Team Pharaohs“ in order to qualify.

In the end, they managed to win the match on Bureau with only four players, which just shows how capable this team is.

We can’t wait to see more of them.

The lower part of the bracket featured two well-known teams - „IFL“ and „Infinity Forge“.

They faced off in the Finals, with „IFL“ claiming the victory in a convincing fashion. The score was 13-5 on Canals.

Let’s see what the qualified teams had to say;

Who was your hardest opponent in the Qualifiers and did you prepare for anyone specifically?

Kings Uprising Sp1ce - Hello there, so Kings didn’t really have hard opponents neither an opponent that gives us a challenge throughout the qualifiers.

IFL Fishy - Well, we had it pretty easy during qualifiers being that two of our opponents dropped out.

Impreza EVO - Well, it had to be Team Pharaohs as they were the only team we played in the qualifiers cause all the other teams before either forfeited or were unresponsive so they were disqualified.

It was especially tough against Team Pharaohs as we had to 4v5 due to one of our players unable to show up.

NT Gaming Y4N - There were many difficult obstacles. But we didn't really have to prepare so much, the bigger obstacles were more towards the end of the Qualifiers, that was the hardest part.

SetToDestroyX MrBates- We only had one opponent in the open qualifiers, the others didn't show up or disbanded before the match was played.

No Mercy M4tt - Well, we didn't find anyone hard this qualifier as most of the good Asian teams had already been invited to the group stage. Although we did not practice much, we were confident that we would make it through the qualifiers.

New Era Team PlayUL - We prepare for every game, we did our best against all, because we know that the scenario is more and more competitive and we can not falter.

What are your expectations for the Group Stage Phase of the tournament?

Kings Uprising Sp1ce - Kings expectations is to obviously win or come in the top 3 position. I think are the hardest opponent will be Team Elevate, as they have great players such as Osynt, Str0ng, and Angel. Elevate will definitely be a threat to Kings.

IFL Fishy - Our expectations for the group stage phase is to give it our all and hopefully come out on top.

Impreza EVO - Some expectations I have is that Gankstars will be our most difficult opponent but with the improvements we’ve seen within the team, I believe we can beat them.

NT Gaming Y4N - We want to have a nice time in the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stages.

SetToDestroyX MrBates- We expect a top 3 position in the Group Stage.

No mercy M4tt - I feel this season the Group Stage is going to be a surprise as all the teams look promising to deliver and I think every team has been practicing really hard this time especially with the new changes made.

I see some new additions to teams like CsPG and LeFP but that doesn’t change much for us as we are and will be ready for anything.

New Era Team PlayUL - We are looking forward to the group stage, because the clans we will face are also dedicating a lot, but I confess that we are not afraid, because we will always be with our heads held high for whatever comes.

Once the ladder season is completed we will have all the teams that will take part in the Critical Ops Winter Season.

The Group Stages are set to start on 17th of February.

Make sure to tune in then!

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