Recap: Climbing the Ladder to the Group Stages

February 15, 2018 15:31

This season we gave C-Ops teams an option to qualify for their regional Winter Season Group Stages through our ladder system for the very first time.

The competition was fierce and teams battled it out for almost a month. Now it’s finally time to find out which teams made it through.

Let’s see what has been going on in each of the regions.


This region featured the most stacked competition out of all the participating regions and the top 4 teams had more than 1400 points in the end.

Both team „Awakened“ and „iFM“ deserved their spot at the top as they showed some stellar performances and rightfully advanced to the Group Stage.

However, team „The Born Fighters [TBF]“ and „INAS“ did come very close and ended up only four and nine points behind the second-ranked team – „iFM“.

Pheew, better luck next time guys!


Europe also provided a nail biting finish. The top three teams were extremely close and finished more than 100 points ahead of all the others.

It's no surprise seeing „WLGaming Esports“ and „Sky2Fly C-OPS“ qualifying as both teams have shown some very good play in other cups, and also in the Open Qualifiers for the Critical Ops Winter Season.

In fact, „Sky2Fly C-OPS“ even made it to the finals of their bracket in the European Open Qualifiers, but lost the deciding match against „Kings Uprising“.

Let's not forget about „[SDT] Syndicate“ - they were only 5 points short of qualifying and gave the top two teams a run for their money.

South America

We saw an interesting twist in the South American region. First “MILICIA - FPS Mobile” managed to climb to the 1st place, but due to the use of ineligible players, they were disqualified from the competition.

This allowed team “Screen Shot” to claim the second spot in the South American Group Stages.

It's interesting that both „Never Believed“ and „Screen Shot“ made it to the finals of the Critical Ops Open Qualifiers in South America, but came up short versus „New Era Team“ and „NT Gaming“.

It proves that both teams are really good and deserve a spot in the Group Stage.

North America

Arguably the strongest Critical Ops region showed almost no interest in our newly revamped ladder system. Only „Infinity Forge“ managed to play and win a single match against team „The Thane”.

Due to the fact that no other team has played any matches, we decided to invite „Team Pharaohs“ to the Group Stage.

They have shown some serious skills in the Open Qualifiers against team „Impreza“, which we will also see in the Group Stages.

Here is what some of the teams had to say;

Congratulations on your Group Stages spot. Who did you consider as your hardest competitor while playing the ladder?

Awakened BiBo - Well, since the whole idea of making the ladder system is to give chance for the lower ranked teams to shine, I can't really tell who was our "Hardest" competitor. Almost 5 teams had the top spot on the ladder at some point but it was us who had it last.

iFM Twistadude - Thanks, Sir, I am really glad by the performance of my team it was the first time we participated as iFM in Valliance and are really pleased by our standings we were #1 on the leaderboard for quite a long time which gave a really positive experience to me and my players.

iF Kokolicious - Well, the North America Ladder was really Inactive as we only got to play 2 Teams and we easily managed to take them down with scores of 13-0 and 13-4 would have loved to see more competitors play as we didn't really have a hard competitor in ladders.

What do you think about our revamped ladder system?

Awakened BiBo - It's a really great way to push the lower class teams to play tournaments without being knocked out after one game, and actually having the chance the win the whole tournament even after losing multiple times.

However, it would be great if there would be a staff to spectate ladder games and the points to be added by the staff themselves, just to ensure maximum reliability in the points given/deducted.

iFM Twistadude - I am still very surprised by the last time gained points by the team Awakened in 15 mins they did 7 games for which we were not ready they gave us a tough competition throughout the ladder and therefore would consider them to be one of our tough competitors.

The new ladder system seems to be really enjoyable and competitive however it was pretty tough for us throughout the ladder to arrange matches and play the ladder.

We personally thank Valiance for their initiative to create such an opportunity in Asian region and I’m sure soon more up and coming teams will pop in the Asian region.

iF Kokolicuous - The Revamped Ladder System seems great. I like how it can be used as an alternative instead of scrimming and be able to win cases at the same time! The only problem I had was that the North American teams were very Inactive and would love to see more active ones in the future.

What are your expectations for the Group Stages?

Awakened BiBo - No one aims to finish second, I'm pretty sure everyone who made it to the group stages from all the regions is aiming for the top spot.

But practically speaking, with LeFP in the competition I believe they have already secured that 1st place, especially with the addition of their latest recruit, _Joy, they have become almost unstoppable.

iFM Twistadude - it’s the first time iFM will play Group stages we have a lot of expectations from our team, however, we are very much aware of the challenges that we are going to face in the group stages.

iF Kokolicuous - Group Stages is gonna be one wild ride for Infinity Forge, as we did fall to IFL in Open Qualifier Finals, I feel we can still pull through in Group Stages. Our goal is always to win and that's our goal this season so hopefully, we can pull through and make a mark during Group Stages!

It’s great to see that most of the regions and teams have decided to take the ladder system seriously and turn it into a more competitive environment.

We are delighted that our recent changes have improved the competition.

Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stages will begin on 17th of February.

Do you have any ideas how to make the ladder system even more interesting and competitive? Let us know!

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