Public Enemy - An upcoming team in North America

October 29, 2018 13:11

We’ve just announced all the participants for North America in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

Team Public Enemy is one of the newer faces on the block, but they have already shown in some other events that they’re quite a promising team.

This prompted us to talk with their manager (teneT) and find out more about them in general.

In the article, we discuss their recent results, chances for the Autumn Invitational and the goals for the future among other things.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one!

Hello teneT,

Can you walk us through your roles and tell us something about your players?

Each player on our team plays a valuable in-game role, and when combined comes together to form a powerful team.

Our support players ("FearzAye", "Carnxge", "Tectonic") all get valuable picks, which are vital to our success on T side.

"Ace", seen as an important entry fragger who also doubles as a support player, opens up rounds by taking away the opponents first line of defense.

Lastly, Our in-game leader, "GZD", creates strats that the team practices in scrims.

This helps them increase their familiarity with each other and the game's mechanics.

Some of our players have been playing together on the various team for about 3 months, but more recent additions, such as "Tectonic" and "Carnage", have further enhanced the team's skills.

This is the first team we see Public Enemy (Seminal) participate in the highest tier of the Critical Ops competition.

What does this mean for you and your team exactly and would you say that the hard work has finally paid off?


We’ve won ESL NA Cup by taking down IFL (Hammers eSports) but it is our first time as a team to be competing in any Valiance event.

We have few players that have an experience playing in such environment, for example -  "Carnage", "AgentAceX", "Nathan", "Fearz", "Tectonic" and "GZD" have enough experience so they would be fine in performing.

I am super happy for my boys as they got what they deserve which is getting an invitation to play among the best because we know we are the best team in North America after Hammers and D2R.

The team was working really hard and we actually thought it would be a season which would have open qualifiers but deep down we knew even in that scenario that we would be a special invite for the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

You will be joining the likes of D2R and Hammer Esports who have been placing top in every tournament so far.

Do you think your team stands a chance if you end up playing against any of those teams in the Quarterfinals?

Everyone knows in NA region that D2R and Hammers eSports have been constantly placing top in almost every tournament and there is no doubt about it but we as a team firmly believe that we have the firepower and players that can go head to head against D2R and Hammers eSports and give a run for their money.

We are constantly practicing against them in BO3 and having favorable results in our side and close games when we lose.

It does not matter on who we are matched against in the Quarterfinals.

We have to bring our A game as Autumn Season has only the best teams of the regions competing.

What are your general thoughts on the tournament's format - Do you like single best-of-three elimination matches, or would you prefer if there was a loser bracket as well?

From my personal perspective, I think that the tournament single elimination best of three format suits better, but I really wanted to see best of one Round Robin system implemented as it would be really interesting if we and the other teams could get a chance to play against various South American teams in the Group Stages.

It would be much more exciting and interesting to watch these matches for the community as well I think.

At the end of the Autumn Invitational, what result would satisfy you and your team?

The answer is very simple for any of the team that is competing in Autumn Season - the main goal for every team is to win.

We as a team want to show the community that we are here to leave a mark in the Autumn season and at the end of the season, everyone would know what our team is capable of doing.

What are your objectives as a team for the next 3-6 months?

For our long-term goals,  we want to keep on practicing and get better as there is always room to improve for any team.

Do you feel like the North American scene is the strongest one around compared to the rest of Critical Ops?

There are quality teams in each region but Europe and North American teams are currently better than the others in my opinion.

If you compare the  NA and EU regions right now, I think NA has a slight edge well it’s debatable and everyone has their opinions on who they prefer as the best region.

Is there something you want to say to this community or to the fans of your team?

As for the closing statement, I’d like to thank everyone that is supporting Public Enemy (SeMinal) till now and continue doing so in the future.

Also, we have lots of things coming up in our twitter page so keep an eye on it and always remember to keep your #enemiesclos

Public Enemy won’t have it easy considering the competition that they’re going to face in the playoffs.

We do hope that they can put up a good fight and leave the good impression in the Autumn Invitational.

You can follow Public Enemy at - @PublicENEMYGG

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