Pro players talk about 1.3.0 update

February 18, 2019 13:54

Patch 1.3.0 is a BETA mode, making it available for testing!

The new TDM map called heat and vector SMG alongside many other changes, make the game even better than before.

To find out what the pro players think about it, we’ve decided to ask several players in the scene a couple of questions regarding the latest Critical Ops update.

Here is what they had to say.


What's your opinion on the new map - does it improve the team deathmatch map pool by a lot?

MVP - The new TDM map is cool.

I like it.

It improves the TDM map pool mainly because it’s another close quarter map that’s set up nicely for TDM.

Kira - The new map "Heat" is a great addition to the game for the casual players.

ReSTey - The new TDM map isn't really a map that I would play.

I still tend to prefer brewery and the other TDM maps.

PROLORD - The new map isn’t that good in my opinion.

People can backstab.

It’s just another default TDM map.

Laithy - Yes, I do think it does since it brings the casual players together and it helps the game increase its popularity, it’s good for casual players although it doesn’t really mean anything for the competitive players.

iCys - I believe the new map  Heat is a great casual play map.

It has all the locations for 'trickshotting' and aim training and I think everyone would enjoy playing, whether it be often or just for warming up.

Atik - In my opinion, Critical Ops needs new maps for defuse mode because everyone is playing TDM for practice but TDM is not fun enough.

I don't think many pro players are playing TDM that often.

Defuse maps are better for the public and competitive aspect of the game.

I think it will increase the player base if Critical Ops decides to make new defuse maps.

CauseOfDeath - The new map is very nice, feels like a real addition/add on to Plaza.

It's bright, colorful and the design is perfect for very fast pace gameplay!

Manny - Most definitely, causally this game is stacked.

New guns, new maps, and updated homes screens to add a bit of flavor every update, it keeps us entertained and greedy for more updates.

Moony - Keeping casual play in mind, the new map is amazing!

I've seen many players deliberately playing TDMs on Plaza so this could be a really great map for all those Plaza fans.

For the competitive scene, we are in need of more Defuse maps rather than TDM maps as Raid is barely seen in tournaments.

Have you tried vector and do you think it's the best SMG right now?

MVP - I tried the vector and it’s actually a really good SMG.

Haven’t tried it in competitive play yet, but from what I’ve used it on so far, it’s pretty good.

Kira - Yes, I have tried vector it's a great addition to the game, fun gun to use and probably the best SMG in the game right now.

ReSTey - Yes, I played the new vector, in my opinion, it's the best SMG.

PROLORD - Yep, the vector is the best right now and it seems a bit too strong.

Pretty decent close range and really good at medium range.

If you burst with it at long range it's not that bad as the other SMGs.

Laithy - After personally trying the vector I can say that it’s really good and it can be pretty game-changing in the competitive scene.

iCys - I have tried the vector and it's a great addition to the SMG category, but I don't think it's the best SMG.

It has all the characteristics of a rifle, with a high capacity magazine and it's capable of long-range fire.

In my opinion, it's the best SMG to bring Rifles and SMGs closer, but I don't think it fits with the category.

Atik - I didn't try vector yet, but in my opinion, Critical Ops doesn't need more SMG weapons, since there are already 3 in the game.

I'd say guns don't even matter in Critical Ops, and I think Critical Force should implement new maps and systems instead.

CauseOfDeath - The vector is by far my favorite SMG, I currently have the skin "ArrowHead" equipped and it's stunning!

When you inspect the gun the stock folds into the side, making it easily a top 5 favorite inspection animation!

Manny - YES!

I truly love it!

Low recoil, rapid fire and honestly a beautiful gun in general.

Absolutely love it and I'm so glad to see one of my favorite smg's in real life added into the game.

Moony - Yes, I did!

The vector is a great addition to the SMGs in my opinion, not only does it have minimal recoil along with a silencer it also is really cheap and easy to use in competitive games!

The only thing that could irritate some of the players would be the constant reloading issues faced.

Is it the best SMG? It's a 50-50 when compared to the P90, but if the P90 is excluded from the list, in my opinion, is it the best.

Would you say Critical Ops is going in the right direction?

MVP - Critical Ops, in my opinion, is going in the right direction... just very slowly.

Kira - Critical Ops is going in the right direction casual wise not so much for the competitive scene just need more time before the game is close to perfect.

ReSTey - If Critical Force would fix the server issues and shooting behind walls this game would become even better.

I think this is not that easy since Critical Force isn't such a big company as Epic Games, but I think we're slowly getting there and we just need to be patient.

PROLORD - I think this update is great, however, I think the game is still broken from the competitive side since the servers are not fully optimized.

I really like Critical Ops as a mobile game, and I hope these issues will be resolved in the future.

Laithy - With this recent update, I think that Critical Ops is going in the right direction and could very well be the best possible shooter if it keeps providing with such updates.

iCys - I would say, like many others that they are focusing quite a lot on casual players and developing their game for the public eye, but they aren't doing much internally, for the competitive scene, and the online communities.

They could definitely improve there.

Atik - Personally, I don't like the new update.

As I stated before, I think the game is becoming too repetitive at this stage and we need new ideas.

Looking at CSGO to find some ideas might not be a bad thing. Also, we need more events and bigger prize pools.

CauseOfDeath - They produced a great update!

It has me very excited as long they push updates out in a timely manner they will be producing enough content and freshness to the game to keep everyone from competitive to casual play happy! I'm excited to see some fresh new content and clock in countless more hours!

Manny - Casually, this game is in the right direction every couple of months new things are added to keep us satisfied with the game.

Competitively it's slowly going downhill and lately, the slide downhill is getting faster and faster.

Moony - Seeing Critical Ops improve day by day, new updates, maps, skins, UIs, and guns make it really fabulous!

The casual scene is at it's best I would say.

The only request I have for the developers is to concentrate more on the competitive scene of Critical Ops as it is slowly degrading.

Other than that CFE is doing a fantastic job.

The reception of the update seems to be very positive.

We’re looking forward to seeing how vector is going to be utilized in the competitive matches.

What are your thoughts on the latest update?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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