Predictions: Who will conquer Asia?

March 13, 2018 16:08

Critical Ops Winter Season playoffs are here!

We are already psyched to see some high stake C-Ops and we are sure you are too.

But before the playoffs begin, let’s take a look how teams fared in the Group Stages and make some predictions.

That’s always fun, right?

We’ll start with Asia, where no team remained undefeated.

The Favorite

Learn from Past (LEFP) did drop a map during the Group Stage, however, they were dominant in the rest of the matches and won them with a hefty score advantage.

Consequently, they  have by far the best round balance in the Group Stages, which just shows how good this team is performing at the moment.

DES1RE“ was looking really good on U-ratio, and we've also seen „DeSPa1R“ and „Joy“ step it up when the team needed them the most.

Considering how well LEFP has been playing over the course of the two seasons, we expect them to win it all.

The Challengers

CsPG Immortals stepped up their game compared to the previous season, especially with their playstyle, which is looks way more refined.

They had a good run in the Group Stage, but their last game is definitely worrying.

In the last week they fell apart against LEFP and only managed to win a single round on Grounded.

This is not a good sign, if they want to take the crown, as LEFP is the team to beat.

On the bright side, they really can’t play any worse against them.

BuRNzzZ“ is the driving force of the team and the fragging machine that the team needs.

Occasionally, we've also seen „NyT“ and „EvoLu71oN“ make good plays, however, if they wish to make a deep run in the playoffs, the whole team will need to step up.

No Mercy(nM) had a hard time in the Group Stages, as they barely made it to the playoffs, finishing the Groups in the 4th place.

However, they are the only team that managed to beat Learn From Past (LEFP), showing that they have great potential, even if they have problems with consistency at the moment.

With „M4tt“ being their experienced leader, they still have time to fix their mistakes until the start of the playoffs.

But they better do it quickly, as they have to play LEFP in the first match of the playoffs.

In order for them to advance, they will have to repeat their performance against LEFP form the Group Stage, which is not an easy task at all.

Dark Horse

Infamous finished the Group Stage in the third place and showed some solid performances along the way.

We've seen some great plays from „Boltzie“ and „DimanicWasTaken“ during the Group Stage and we hope to see even more of that in the playoffs.

They will face CsPG Immortals in the first round of the playoffs, and it should be a really interesting match, as those two teams had a very close game in the Group Stage (13-11 victory for CsPG Immortals).

However, this is the first time for Infamous in the Premier League and we will see if their lack of big game experience shows in the playoffs.

If they will be able to cope with the pressure, they definitely have the potential to advance to the Grand Finals.

We’re excited to see how things will turn out in Asia!

Do you agree with our predictions?  

Are you expecting a different result?

Let us know on Twitter!

The playoffs are just around the corner, so make sure to tune in at once we go live!

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