Predictions: Gankstars dethroned? A thriller in NA awaits!

March 15, 2018 15:53

Did anyone expect Gankstars finishing the North American Group Stage in the third place?


We didn’t either!

There were a lot of surprising matches in NA and it’s going to be really hard to predict who will win the semis, let alone become the champion.

And that is awesome!

We love it when there are plenty of skilled teams that can beat each other on any given day.

Nevertheless, here are our predictions for North America!

The Favorite

IFL looked simply amazing during the Group Stage and got huge victories against Gankstars (13-6) and D2R (13-7).

They did drop a map to Impreza (12-13), the team that ended up last, however, they probably underestimated them.

With the likes of „Cute Corn“ and „High“ on the roster, and a team who who performed exceptionally well as a whole, there is a big chance we're going to see a new king of the North American region.

The only thing they have to do is to repeat what they already did in the Group Stage.

But this is not going to be easy.

It's important to note that they will play versus „Team Pharaohs“ in the Semi-Finals, the weakest opponent at least on paper in the playoffs.

We are pretty confident, we’re going to see IFL in the Finals.

The Challengers

Never thought we'd have to list Gankstars among the challengers, but that's how the things are right now.

This shows how competitive North American region is.

With a loss to both D2R (12-13) and IFL (6-13), things are not looking great for Gankstars.

They had a chance against D2R on Grounded, but they did not manage to close out the match, which resulted in them ending in the third place of the group.

They also had to change a player during the Group Stages („Elite“ got banned for cheating), which definitely had an impact on the team.

There is still some time until the playoffs, and „Joker“ will have to reorganize the team and potentially change their playstyle in order to get ready for the next phase.

Knowing what Gankstars are capable of and what they have done in the previous seasons, we'd say there is still a good chance they can bounce back.

D2R got a well deserved second place in the Group Stage, with a single defeat against IFL on Grounded (7-13).

In a match against Gankstars, „Milio“ showed up big time, getting 33 frags in 25 rounds, which was the biggest reason why they were able to get away with a win.

Sesame Street“ and „Yonigs7“ also had decent showings in the Group Stage.

In the first match of the Semi-Finals, they will have to go up against Gankstars once again, but this time in a best of three format.

It will be interesting to see how this one is going to pan out, as both teams have a pretty good chance to advance to the Grand-Finals.

Dark Horse

It's hard to see how Team Pharaohs could have a chance against the opposition they will be facing

In the Group Stage, they managed to take 11 rounds versus D2R, but got outclassed against Gankstars and IFL.

However, they already achieved their primary goal and can now have fun in the playoffs, which they should take as a reward for solid play in the Group Stage.

They will once again be the underdogs, which is an advantage the team specifically mentioned in their interview.

Nothing is impossible and we're looking forward to see if they can make it happen versus IFL.

Hope you enjoyed our predictions!

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