Predictions:Everything is possible in SA playoffs

March 17, 2018 14:37

The South American region brought us some interesting matches during the Group Stages, with two teams coming out ahead of the competition.

However, if we take a look at what teams we will be seeing in the playoffs, there is a lot of space for the potential upsets.

Without further ado, here is our prediction for the region;

The Favorite

Nerds in Arms definitely looked like the strongest team so far during the Group Stages.

In the previous season (Critical Ops Autumn Season), we didn't see them in the playoffs, which was very surprising considering how they always used to dominate.

During the Group Stages, they dropped a map versus Insanity Killers (11:13 loss) and had a close game versus New Era Team (13:10 victory), which just shows they won't have an easy time versus the top tier competition in the playoffs.

With the experienced players like „SEM1_“, „R_E_Z_I_Q“ and „iBerbelX“, which performed very well in the Group Stages, their chances in the playoffs are very high.

Considering that playoff with be playing in a best of three/five format, we believe that Nerds in Arms have the biggest chances to get back on the throne in the region and that is something they surely want achieve.

The Challangers

Just before the start of the Winter Season, Insanity Killers looked like the most promising team in the region and they have also proved that with the matches they've played during the Group Stages.

They had a slow start at the beginning, where we've seen them lose to New Era Team with a huge scoreline difference (4:13), but after that, they stepped their game massively.

We've also seen them beat Nerds in Arms and so far they're the only team that managed to do that during this season.

The big plus for them is the fact that „BrGomes“ is at the helm of the team and with the likes of „C0sm0ssj“ and „yNotCamp“ putting the frags on the board, they have every ingredient to make it happen in the playoffs.

In the Semi-Finals, we're going to see them play against Screen Shot, which is arguably the weakest of the teams, so there is a big chance we're going to see them in the Grand-Finals as well.

New Era Team made it to the Semi-Finals of the Critical Ops Autumn Season.

However, in this season, we've seen some very mixed results by them.

Their whole Group Stage matches were mostly close ones;

  • 13-4 victory versus Insanity Killers

  • 6-13 loss versus Screen Shot

  • 12-13 loss versus NT Gaming

  • 13-12 victory versus Never Believed

  • 10-13 loss versus Nerds in Arms

Looking at the matches, it’s obvious that the team has consistency issues but also an ability to beat the favorites in the region.

If they can somehow fix that before the start of the playoffs, they definitely have a chance to do way better than they did in the Group Stages

It will be interesting to see what will they bring up in the end, considering they first have to face Nerds in Arms in the Semi-Finals.

Dark Horse

Coming into the playoffs, Screen Shot seems like the weakest team out of four and they will have to take the role of the underdogs.

In the Group Stage, they did beat New Era Team (13-6) and had a close game against Insanity Killers (11-13) out of the favorites.

They did lose quite hard versus Nerds in Arms once they faced them (5-13).

JC DO TREM BALA“ is the key player for this team, as he was putting up huge frag numbers on the board and we've also seen „PrinhO_“ raise up to the challenge.

However, they will need their whole team to step up in the playoffs if they wish to fight against the best.

These are our final predictions for the playoffs.

Let us know on Twitter what you think about them!

The playoffs are just around the corner, so make sure to tune in at once we go live!

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