Predictions: C-OPS Summer Season Group Stage

July 28, 2018 16:36

The Valiance Summer Season Group Stage is beginning later today and as the young ones say: “The hype is real!”.

Let’s take a look at the competition, as this is shaping up to be one of the strongest seasons up to date.

Of course we can’t write an overview without tossing in some predictions.

That’s just how we roll.


North America

- Gankstars

- Hammers Esports

- D2R

- Impreza

- Team Virus 5


We've seen some surprising results during the last North American Group Stage.

Will history repeat itself?

Needless to sayGankstars“ are the favorites, as they’ve just won the first ever Critical Ops LAN event without losing a single map.

Even if they drop a map or two in the first phase of the competition, we're well aware that they can go „super saiyan“ and look like a completely different team in the playoffs.

D2R“ and „Hammers Esports“ are second in line, and both teams are definitely top-tier material.

If anyone is going to dethrone „Gankstars“, it's going to be one of them.

D2R” recruited "Kam" before the season and once you have such a player in the lineup it changes a lot.

They had some time to refine their playstyle, and we're excited to see what they're going to show in the upcoming season.

Hammer Esports“ are constantly improving their teamplay.

Maybe this is the season when everything aligns for them.

Slow and steady wins the race, they say.

We haven't seen „Impreza“ in the Spring Invitational, but we did see them play during the Winter Season.

The team has potential.

With „Scumpy“ taking the role of the manager and coach, it's very likely they’ll exceed expectations.

Team Virus5“ and „UPR“ are the newcomers that managed to secure their slot through the Summer Season Qualifiers.

Looking at the competition, it safe to say they’re facing an uphill battle, and them beating any of the teams above, except „Impreza“, would be a big surprise

PREDICTION; Gankstars, Hammers Esports, D2R and Impreza advance to playoffs


- CSPG Gaming

- Learn from Past

- Kings Demise

- Infamous

- Xion


This group looks like it could turn into a bloodbath with a fair number of upsets.

CSPG Gaming“ claimed the Spring Invitational with several strong wins under their belt.

During the LAN event, they suffered a loss to both „Nova eSports“ and „Gankstars“, but that's no surprise as both teams showed their A game.

This season the competition is stronger than before and „CSPG Gaming“ will have to work hard if they wish to defend their title of the champions in Asia.

Learn from Past“ and „Kings Demise“ are the top challengers to dethrone “CSPG Gaming”.

„LEFP“ had a weak showing at the Spring Invitational.

However, the tournament featured a single elimination matches and it was enough to make one mistake and you were out.

Kings Demise“ won against „Infamous“ and got a map against „CSPG Gaming“ last time in the playoffs.  

They were a relatively new team back then and it's safe to assume that they've improved since them.

Team „Infamous“ parted ways with „Gakky“ who ultimately created his new team „Xion“.

They've made it through the qualifiers with ease and with the likes of „Twistadude“ and „Heaven“ on the roster, this team has a chance to cause some trouble.

We'll see how the changes affected „Infamous“ and if they are still among top contenders in the region.

BEG4MERCY“ is a huge underdog here.

They barely made it into the next phase by defeating „Hawkeyes“ by a single round.

However, they have guts and can’t be counted out.

We're sure a lot of people watching will cheer for them.

Let's face it, who wouldn't like to see the underdog  take it all in the end?

PREDICTION: LEFP, CSPG Gaming, Kings Demise and Xion advance to playoffs


- Team Elevate

- Nova eSports

- SetToDestroyX

- Team Viral

- Vision Gaming

- Team Legacy

Nova eSports“ lost in the Quarterfinals of the Spring Invitational.

During the Critical OPS LAN event, they had two stand-ins, so judging their current state based on those games doesn’t really make sense.

One thing going for them is that „Grizz“ is back with the team, and if they can work on their chemistry, they could take the title home.

Team Elevate“ lost in the Grand Finals of the Spring Invitational.

No matter what's happening with their team, they end up performing well and placing very high in the tournaments.

There are some new players on the roster, but their core seems to be the pretty much the same.

It will be interesting to see what they are capable of this time.

We see them as one of the favorites that are going to give Nova eSports a run for their money.

SetToDestroyX“ still can't seem to find proper form.

For the most part they advance to the playoffs, but can't seem to get past the semifinals.

They also don't have a good track record against the favorites, so if they don’t make any progress this season, it's probably time to change some players on the roster.

Team Vision“ fielded a lot of experienced players during the LAN event, however,  their group was insanely hard as they had to play both „Gankstars“ and „Hammers Esport“.

Considering they were a new team then and had some time to practice before the season, we'd say they have a good chance to make a name for themselves.

Team Legacy“ in the second newcomer of this season.

Looking at the rosters, we'd give them a slight edge over “Viral”, as they have „BlaKe“, and he was previously the in-game leader for „Nova eSports“.

Both new teams have a mountain to climb and will have to play at their best, if they wish to reach the playoffs.

PREDICTION: Nova eSports, Team Elevate, Vision Gaming and SetToDestroyX advance to playoffs

These are our prediction for the Group Stage.

What do you think?

Are we on point?

Or do you disagree with us?

Whatever the case is, let us know in the comments!

Valiance Summer Season Group Stage is set to start this Saturday! (28.07)

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