Predictions: AI EURASIA Semi-Finals

November 25, 2018 13:21

We're now at halfway through the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

For this play week, we're back to EURASIA part of the bracket, where there are only 4 teams left.

Without further ado, here are our predictions;

SpaceX Gaming vs CSPG Gaming

In the Quarterfinals,  SpaceX Gaming looked impeccable as they pretty much dominated both of the maps against their opponent – Ripple Esports (13-4 Canals, 13-4 Bureau).

We mentioned it many times already, but this does indeed seem like an all-star lineup from the Asian region.

Kiola“ was on fire in their first series,  and that is maybe not something we expected to see, considering that there are likes of „Tiktok“ and „Joy“ in the lineup as well.

CSPG Gaming, on the other hand, struggled a lot against the newly formed team Unicorns.

Both of the matches in the series ended up being close (13-10 Legacy, 13-9 Grounded).

Xzr“ was a shining star on the CSPG lineup, especially on Grounded where he scored almost 30 frags on his own.

Even before the start of the season, it is evident that CSPG Gaming might struggle a bit, considering 4 of their players are no longer playing Critical Ops actively.

Now, they're going up against SpaceX Gaming who seems to be a terrifying opponent, and if we take a look how CSPG Gaming played in the first series, it's hard not call SpaceX as the favorite.

Still, CSPG Gaming has a chance, but they will have to do way better here.

Predictions: SpaceX Gaming 2-0/2-1

Vision Gaming vs S2 Gaming

We did expect Vision Gaming to dominate in the European region, but losing only 3 rounds throughout two maps against SetToDestroyX is impressive (13-0 Grounded/ 13-3 Bureau).

However, it is also possible that SetToDestroyX didn't have a good day, and Vision Gaming just pretty much ran over them.

We haven't seen anything else but Vision Gaming dominating, which makes it rather hard to predict how other teams are going to fare against them.

S2 Gaming looked very strong in the series with Team Elevate and frankly, we expected that one to be way closer than it ended up to be (13-8 Legacy, 13-6 Grounded).

NaymaD“, „GeNeS1s“ and „Sneaky“ all looked good, but that's some that we're used to seeing from them.

The real test for them comes now when they will play against the best team the region.

We do feel like S2 Gaming has a chance, or they might at least push this series into a third map.

Vision Gaming might potentially have to veto out Grounded as S2 Gaming looked good here.

Regardless of the map pool, Vision Gaming are the favorites and it's their game to lose.

Prediction: 2-0/2-1 Vision Gaming

Hope you enjoyed our predictions for the EURASIA Semi-Finals.

Let us know down below how you feel that the matches will go.

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