Predicitions for the Critical Ops Winter Season Qualifiers

January 26, 2018 23:20

Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers have started yesterday (26th of January).

A total of 147 teams have signed up for it!

Here is a numerical breakdown of teams by regions;

•    North America  - 28

•    South America – 40

•    Asia – 27

•    Europe – 52

In the following paragraphs, we will analyze each of the regions, and try to predict who are the favorites to make it into the group stage of the tournament.

North America

Two names that stand out the most in this region are definitely „IFL“ and „5Kings“.

IFL managed to end up third in the North America Group Stage during the Autumn Season, and they only had a two round deficit compared to the second team at the time – „D2R“.

5Kings”, on the other hand, looks like a very promising team that consists of the well-known veterans such as „Lala“, “YungRetroz“ and „cloudzz“.

With the experience that this team posses, they are one of the clear favorites to make it to the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stages.

South America

Looking at the signed up teams for this region, „New Era Team“ seems like a clear favorite to make it into the Group Stage without putting too much effort into it.

They did make it into the Semi-Finals in the previous season where they eventually lost against „CSPG Immortals“.

Nevertheless, their games looked really solid, and it's going to be interesting to see how they’ll perform this season, in case they make it through the qualifiers.

The second slot for this regions seems to be up for grabs, as a lot of teams seem to have potential to advance.

Two teams that stand out are  „V4lhalla Gaming“ and „Never Believed“, and we will definitely keep an eye out on those two.


No Mercy(nM)“ is the clear favorite here to advance to the Asian Group Stage. Their performance in the previous season was looking good as they ended up in the second place.

The second slot, on the other hand, is very hard to call, as there are a lot of relatively unknown teams taking part in the qualifier.

This creates a great opportunity for the underdogs to prove themselves and we can’t wait to be surprised by one of them.


The European region has the most signed up teams for the qualifiers, making the competition in the region stronger than ever.

Without a doubt „Kings Uprising“ seem to be one of the teams that will make it through the qualifiers.

With „Headshot“ and „Hushy“ leading the charge, it's very hard to imagine that this team won't make it into the European Group Stage.

SettoDestroyX“ is also taking part in the qualifier, and with the likes of „Mr_Bates“, „Exo“ and „Overload“  in the lineup yet again, their chances of making it into the next stage of the tournament are high.

Those are our predictions for the upcoming Open Qualifiers.

On February the 12th, we will see how accurate we were.

What do you think? Any teams we’re missing?

Let us know on Discord.

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