Players from various known teams get banned for cheating

January 17, 2018 17:04

Recently there were several banwaves in the Critical Ops, that resulted in a number of competitive players getting their in-game accounts banned.

It’s a shame that those players will not be able to participate in the future competitive tournaments, but there can be no excuses for cheating.

Here is the list of players that are banned from playing competitively.

It’s important to note that only “Kam” isn’t banned permanently, as his ban isn’t related to the usage of the third-party programs (cheating).

All the lifetime bans are issued by the Critical Ops developers.

List of banned players

Shy”, “Story” and “Crim” were all part of the upcoming North American team “IFL” which ended up third in the Valiance Autumn Season Group Stages.

The European teams didn’t get spared either, as Kings Uprising’s recent trials “Jimmeh” and “CZD” also received a lifetime ban.

Hopefully, the lesson is learned. Nobody benefits from cheating, and the integrity of the competitive play, as well as players themselves, suffer.

You might get away with it for a while, but eventually, everyone gets caught.

Play fair, work hard, and you’re bound to see results!

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