Nova eSports - the new European top dog?

January 10, 2018 17:12

Valiance Autumn Season brought us a lot of interesting and close matches in the European region.

Nova eSports, in particular, managed to go toe to toe with their fierce competition. That was a bit surprising at the time, considering they were the new team on the block.

Today, we talk with Nova's team leader "BlaKe" about the recent changes in the team, and their plans for the upcoming season among other things.


Your team finished 3rd in the Valiance Autumn Season Group Stage. However, in most of your matches, you looked solid, and you gave the favorites, „Team Elevate“ & „Kings Uprising“, a run for their money.

Do you think beating such teams is still out of your reach?

First of all, hello to everyone!

Beating teams like Kings Uprising is definitely not out of our reach and should be doable with our newest additions.

Judging by the scrims, I'm aware that we're capable of beating them.  I would say it’s going to be a ' fight ' between Nova Esports and Kings for 1st Place in the European Scene in the upcoming season.

What does „Strong“ bring to your team that you didn't have before?

"Strong" brings new kind of strength to our team which we haven’t really experienced with any player before.

With all the roster changes happening, can you walk us through the changes that your team has done, and also the current roles in the team.

Since „Naarkz“ decided to leave Nova eSports, we were looking for individuals who are capable of replacing his skill and role in the team.

Both „Osynt“ and „Donhys“ are strong, and are definitely capable of doing that, and that's the reason why we decided to recruit them.

Everyone in the team has a specific role. For example, “Obi-Wan” is one of the better rifles in the team, and „Strong“ is the entry fragger.

Both have important tasks, just like the rest of the team.

How much does it mean for you to represent an organization such as Nova eSports and does it add any additional pressure on your shoulders?

It means so much for us to represent an organization like Nova eSports since they are very supportive and one of the biggest if not the biggest Organization in Critical Ops currently.

Obviously, we pressured ourselves to deliver good results at the beginning, but now we know what we are capable of and we are sure to bring glory to the name of Nova.

What are your team's main objectives for the upcoming year?

Our main objective for the upcoming period is to win a major tournaments like Valiance or the Mobile Esports ones.

The upcoming ESL cups are also very important.

If you had to name the biggest strength of your team, what would that be?

Our biggest strength is definitely the skill of each individual member and knowledge of the game itself.

Any words for the fans?

On behalf of the team, I want to say thank you to all of our fans who supported us through hard times and do now too! We will definitely be stronger in 2018 and big things to come soon. #NovaStrong

With the recent changes, the level of competition is surging. It will definitely be interesting to see all these teams perform with their recent additions and try to fill the top spot that Team Elevate left empty.

We wish Nova eSports happy hunting!

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