Nova Esports still going strong after the departure of 3 top players

February 4, 2018 12:45

"Osynt", "Strong" and "Donhys" - These are the names of the players that left Nova’s main line-up the previous week.

We obviously know they left to rebuild their previous team and former Valiance World Champions - Team Elevate.

But what we do not know is how bad this situation is affecting Nova’s C-OPS team?

So we have questioned and interviewed the leader of the Nova’s Critical-Ops sector - just for you. ;)

Hello Blake! Could you tell us more about yourself, your job as the leader of Nova’s C-Ops sector and your experience with the game?

Well, my job is basically doing the organizations stuff alongside with "Kayozz", the current manager.

We manage the team’s tournament inscriptions, recruit players when the situation requires it and many more tasks.

I am not a competitive player at all, but I still play the game for fun.

We have interviewed you at the beginning of the month, and you were introducing Osynt, Strong and Donhys.

They are now no longer part of Nova’s team and I’d like to know how you are handling the situation?

It’s nothing big, we will continue playing like we did before and get players who will be capable of replacing the last ones.

Apparently, "Naarkz" is back, which is surprising as he announced his retirement from the C-Ops scene previously.

Any comments on that?

We need people who are worth it to become a member of Nova Esports, and there aren’t too many people left who are capable of that.

"Naarkz" surely is. I am glad he is back and we will be working together to forge a strong team.

After the departure of "Osynt", "Donhys", and "Strong", you have recruited multiple players from the "Throne" roster.

Do you think "Thierry", "Genesis", "Shake", and "Pokus" have what it takes to battle the best teams from all over the world?

Yes, we can definitely compete with anyone and make it a fair battle.

Why these specific players and what do they bring to the team skill wise?

What is important for us is the Team Chemistry, our players need to like the new players and everyone does!

I can already feel that we improved since they have joined us, I think it was a great decision to recruit them.

Each and single one of them has good individual skill, they are serious when it comes to positions and I know they are determined to improve every day.

Anything else you want to say to the community?

Stay loyal to your team and be patient.

The key to having a glorious team is to be patient and only count on yourself when it comes to hard times.

It’s great to hear that even after some major roster changes, Nova’s players are still in a positive mindset and are determined to perform their best in main tournaments.

We wish them and Blake best of luck!


Do you think Nova has what it takes to defeat the greatest teams on the scene?

Let us know!

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