Nova Esports disbands and several players form S2 Gaming

August 11, 2018 14:08

Recently, Nova Esports' players decided to leave the organization and form a new team called S2 Gaming.

In the Valiance Summer Season, the team has heavily underperformed so far, however, they still have several matches left in the Group Stage to make things right.

To find out the reasons behind this and the key factor for their lack of success, we decided to talk with the manager of the team – Rnavkha.


Did you decide to change any of the players from the previous roster?

Yeah, we've gone through many changes in terms of players.

We released "Naarkz", "Sneaky", "Pokus" and "Enes".

These players simply weren't working out with how we wanted the team to be, and instead of helping us do better, they were detrimental.

Rather than working on positive changes in the short term, they wanted us to just wait out hard times without doing anything.

This lead the team into a very bad state, where nothing seemed to be going well.

As a result, we stepped in and made changes for the better by removing the source of our problems.

In terms of players coming in, we've had "Shuttle", "vNxTro", "ReST" and "Thierry".

All are good and mature players who fit with the team, which led us to recruit them.

"Shuttle" and "vNxTro" aren't very well known to people outside the competitive scene, as they have had no real experience in teams at the top level, however, they are both very talented players who bring a lot to the team in terms of playstyle.

"ReST" and "Thierry" are players who by now have established themselves as competitive players recently.

"Thierry" obviously has had a lot of experience playing with us in the past, in the old version of "S2 Gaming" and "Nova Esports" as well.

Both are good players who have fit in well.

Can you please tell us in detail what made you leave the Nova Esports organization, considering they're one of the most know mobile organizations in the world?

After a year under Nova Esports, we were near the end of our contractual term.

During this period, we have had our ups and downs.

After the players recently noticed an issue within the contract.

We were given the option to terminate the contracts.

After careful consideration, we decided to pursue termination of our contracts and left Nova.

The reasons behind this decision were many, but mainly due players themselves weren't very happy with Nova Esports as an organization.

We were a small side project for them, and we were grossly undervalued.

We brought them successes across the game, winning the Valiance Winter Season and Finishing 3rd in LAN, but we were still underpaid and had very minimal non-wage benefits.

Often those payments were also several days late.

We had also received offers from other teams and organizations that we feel are a better fit for us than Nova.

After a year, we all wanted to explore something new.

To put it simply, they didn't give us what we expected from an organization that we should be under.

Now you have joined S2 Gaming.

What is going to be different here compared to the Nova Esports and what kind of the support is the organization going to provide to the players?

S2 Gaming will be a completely different set-up to Nova Esports.

First off, we are judging players by their maturity, and how well they play.

In Nova Esports some of the players would rather have that we chose players by the relationship we had with them, which was very detrimental, and often led to longstanding grudges and fights.

There is no such thing in S2.

When recruiting for S2, we picked only mature, professional players that had no drawbacks in terms of willing to let go of grudges or accept new people, so like that we came up with a solution where we have a team where everyone gets along.

In terms of organization, S2 is an independent Critical Ops team, not an organization.

So far, things are not looking great for you in Valiance Summer Season.

In the first match against, you've lost pretty hard againt Vison Gaming.

What was the biggest issue there for you and is there any particular reason why you lost that match with such a scoreline?

In Valiance so far we have had almost zero practice as Nova.

The players who were left behind, namely "Naarkz" and "Sneaky" all did not want to practice with any lineup that wasn't the exact lineup that would play in Valiance, and the IGL, "Sneaky" was simply not a good IGL, in terms of his in-game behavior and his strats.

These were easily read by Vision and as a result, we were dominated.

Another issue was some players simply not performing, "Prinho" was off, as was "NaYmaD", so we couldn't play to our best.

After that, you've played a bit better against SetToDestroyX on Grounded, but still, your CT side didn't look that well there.

Can you please walk us through this game and tell us your thought process?

Once again, the same issues with lack of practice.

The reason the players on top, "GeNeS1s" and "Smokez" performed well was due to them having practiced together with our then trials.

However, the rest of the team was unpracticed due to the refusal of "Sneaky" and "Naarkz" to practice, and their belief that the subs in the roster simply weren't good enough to play.

Such an attitude was one of the main reasons we lost, and why we ended up releasing them.

To add to that, "Sneaky" could not play due to vacations, and "Naarkz" had wifi issues mid-game, which is what lead to him going AFK mid game and ruining the momentum we were building.

Now, you still have several matches left.

Do you think you got what it takes to win the rest of the matches and advance into the playoffs?

After the recent issue with accounts, we are definitely very optimistic about going through.

We have three matches to go, assuming we win our matches this coming weekend, the odds would be on us to qualify, so I believe with a new lineup that is practicing more and a new spirit to get out of the groups, we can do it.

Who do you see as the biggest threat from the remaining teams you have to face and why?

Honestly speaking, all of them are very challenging opponents.

Legacy is a very good team, and we will face up against our former Leader and the original founder of S2, "BlaKe".

Their team is all also filled with quality players, but I'm sure the loss of their IGL, "Tetro" will make them a bit more unsettled, it will be an interesting match and we will be aiming for the win.

Team Viral is also a team to watch out for, but I'm not sure how they will do considering their IGL "ReST" and starter "Thierry" recently have both left the team to join us.

The joy of having won the game they lost against Elevate by DQ should boost them forward to try to get a perfect record.

Elevate are another great team that will also probably be demotivated.

After having lost some of their games by FF, it's required for them to win against both opponents, so they will definitely give it their all, so it's interesting to see how it will pan out.

What is your main goal with the team now?

Our main goal is to dominate the European scene in the future, we believe with our current roster it is possible.

First off, we want to send out a statement by qualifying for the Semi-Finals of this season, and then hopefully coming out on top in the next.

Along the way, our goal is to not become like Nova Esports, and bask in the glory of one success.

The goal is to keep sharp and keep on top, establish a reign over EU.

Is there something you want to share with the C-OPS community or your fans and followers?

A lot of people have written us off as minor contenders who will be nothing but a flash in the pan, but I have to say to all those people, keep your eyes on us, we're coming fast.

Last time S2 was around it had quite a legacy, but this time will only be better.

We still believe that the former Nova Esports roster is a top contender and that they have a good chance to potentially advance into the playoffs.

Do you share the same opinion as we do?

Let us know in the comments!

You can follow S2 Gaming at - @S2GamingiOS

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