Nova eSports aiming for the Finals at C-OPS LAN event

June 12, 2018 17:03

Nova eSports didn’t reach their goal in the C-Ops Spring Invitational.

They lost 0-2 against Dynasty in the Quarterfinals.

Therefore it was expected that they are going to make some changes before the first ever Critical Ops LAN event.

Looking at the players in the lineup, their team for the event seems incredibly strong.

Here Nova eSports’ lineup for the LAN tournament:

  • Kam

  • Milio

  • Genes1s

  • Sneaky

  • Pokus

We wanted to know why they decided to acquire D2R’s players and to see how they are preparing for the event, so we talked to their team manager – COSMIC.

Without further ado, here is the interview.

You won the Critical Ops Winter Season.

However, you had a surprising exit in the quarterfinals of the Spring Invitational, where your team lost to Dynasty (6-13, 12-13)

What went wrong during this match?

Dynasty didn't play against their enemies in scrims or such.

They wanted to keep their strats a secret.

I don't really know how they were able to practice like that but as a result we were not able to counter them, which meant we were not ready to beat them.

Now we know their playstyle and we can beat them for sure.

Recently Grizz decided to leave the team and join team Dynasty.

It seems that you managed to resolve this situation in the meantime.

What was the issue?

Grizz was having some problems with 1 particular member of the team, but at the same time he was acting immature in the public, with the members, and in other cases too.

This led the members to not like Grizz a lot which pushed him to the point where he basically left.

Two players from team D2R have teamed up with you ("Kam" and "Milio") and they will be representing Nova eSports at the LAN event.

What's the main reason you decided to acquire those two?

I will give it straight to you.

We basically didn't have enough of our members that could go to LAN at this point in time, which obviously gives us the need to acquire 2 suitable players.

After some research, we got in contact with "Legacy" (D2R CEO) and got into an agreement of bringing "Kam" and "Milio" with us to LAN.

What do "Kam" and "Milio" bring to the team?

We acquired them cause we didn't have enough members to go to the LAN event with, but at the same time, everyone knows what "Kam" and "Milio" are capable of in the game.

Now that you’ve assembled the lineup, we assume you’ve already been practicing for a while now.

How are you satisfied with your preparations so far?

So far so good I must say.

Players are practicing daily against other pro teams which can make them improve their chemistry and team play overall.

What does it mean for you and your team to be one of the six invited teams?

It means a lot.

AAS (the team behind Nova) started off as any other team/clan in the community, but hard work really pays off.

For us, it paid off by reaching this point and it means a lot for me to be the manager of this team.

The players having their own character in the community as well as being role models for other less known players.

Does anyone on your team have any experience playing in the offline event or this is the first time for all of you?

I think "Milio" has already been at a LAN event and I think experiencing such a thing as an offline event will give you more confidence and more concentration than other players and that is a good thing.

A lot of great teams will be competing in the LAN event.

Who do you consider the toughest opponent and why?

I think Gankstars would be a tough opponent to beat because they have a very skilled roster that has a lot of experience and that makes them very hard to beat.

What place would satisfy you and are you feeling any pressure as the event approaches?

We would be satisfied with the 2nd place, maybe 1st.

I can’t be pressured more than the members, but yeah it is still pretty stressful going this far.

We have to give our best at this event and that's what I expect from our players!

Anything you wish to say to your fans, the teams you will meet at the event or haters?

I would like to say good luck to all teams and let the greatest of all time win.


Nova eSports certainly looks like a team that could achieve a lot with their new roster.

It will be interesting to see how they will work with the D2R duo, and if they will able to beat Gankstars if they face them in the tournament.

Do you think "Kam" and "Milio" make Nova eSports stronger than before?

Let us know in the comments.

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