North American Invites - Autumn Invitational

October 30, 2018 12:51

The Critical Ops Autumn Invitational is just around the corner.

In the past, the North American region has been the toughest region to compete in all of the competitive Critical Ops.

That is still most likely going to be the case, even though Gankstars are no longer a team as they have announced their withdrawal from Critical Ops.

For each region, we have decided to invite four teams into the Group Stage phase, which is set to start on the 4th of November.

Two of the teams have received an invite based on their performance in the previous season, while the other two got the special invite for the Autumn Invitational.


Can D2R do it again?

It's not strange to see a team like D2R receive a direct invite into the Group Stage.

In the previous season, they claimed the title of the North American champions, but it wasn't that easy for them in the Grand Finals versus Hammers Esports.

Even though „Toast“ and „Kam“ left the lineup, the team is still looking strong and they have also recently picked up „Kingeh“ and „Matt“.

We're yet to see how this is going to function since they will be playing under the new in-game leader.

Hammers Esports needs the title badly

Hammers Esports has ended up on the second place in both Critical Ops LAN event and also the Summer Season.

Their performance has always been top notch and they're the team that deserves the invite based on their results alone.

They also managed to acquire „Night“ from Gankstars and that might be the thing that they needed in order to finally get some titles under their belt.

Hammer Esports have also picked up “Obzerps”, who is not in the main lineup but can definitely make the difference if he’s going to get some play time.

We think this is an ideal time for them to do it, now that D2R doesn't have „Kam“ anymore and Gankstars are out of the picture.

Impreza has the potential to surprise

In the Critical Ops Summer Season, Impreza made it into the playoffs as the last seed in the Group Stage.

Once they were there, they ended up playing D2R in the Semi-Finals where they couldn't really do much, losing quite convincingly over the course of just two maps.

Now, they're in the process of rebuilding a team, and we're confident that „Vulcan“ will field yet another strong lineup.

He has done it in the past, and if he can gather some old Impreza players once again, there is a big chance this team can cause an upset.

Based on their performance and the constant presence in the region, they've earned an invite for the Autumn Invitational.

Public Enemy are the newcomers, but they can't be counted out

To some, this may be a surprising invite but team Public Enemy definitely has the ability to do some damage in the Autumn Invitational.

In one of the cups in the past, they got the victory against Hammers Esports, showing that they're capable of winning some of the best teams around.

Their team also doesn't have many established players compared to some other teams, which might make it difficult for others to predict how they're going to play.

Carnage” is out of the stand out players and we know him from the time with IFL.

He is most likely going to be the player to watch on this team.

This is their premier showing in Valiance tournament, and at this stage, they have nothing to lose.

Those are the four teams we will be seeing in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

Do you miss Gankstars?

Can D2R do it without "Kam"?

Let us know in the comments below!

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