North American Finals: Gankstars thinking IFL are the favorites, IFL disagrees

March 23, 2018 15:00

There’s a real showdown awaiting us in the North American Grand Finals.

The best team of this season is going to take on the current champions.

Will IFL crown their stellar performances with a title?

Or will Gankstars manage to overcome their problems and win it all once again?

Who knows, but we are sure it’s going to be a thriller!

Of course we wanted to know how both teams are preparing for the big match, so we had a chat with Judgement (Gankstars) and Fish (IFL).


Part 1: Gankstars

You've had some trouble in the Group Stage, however, that doesn't mean much now that you are once again in the Grand Finals. How would you rate your new lineup with MVP and what is the main difference now?

Gankstars’ Judgement - Something was different with Gankstars in the early group stages of the tournament.

We struggled to get to where we are today, with our new members and team dynamic.

Because of this, I must emphasize that Gankstars current line up is a work in progress.

It's going to take time to get our team chemistry together and working again in the wake of the recent roster changes. Rating our current line-up is hard without first gathering data.

In my opinion, this will be good practice for the team as they try to work together to accomplish a common goal.

It's been great to see you make a comeback on Plaza versus D2R. Is this something you've been working on lately?

Gankstars’ Judgement - With our comeback batch against D2R on Plaza, it's easy to point out how unique Plaza is. On CT side, grenades can put the T team in several sore spots, causing both teams to adapt if they want to have a chance.

As far as our strategy is concerned, we've been developing one behind the scenes for a while now and may have used it before. We think it will be a reliable approach.

You will play against IFL in the Grand Finals. They have been on a roll from the beginning of the Winter Season. What do you think of them as a team?

Gankstars’ Judgement - IFL is an established and robust team with an impressive roster.

I'm hoping the effort our team puts in will pay off, though all circumstances considered, we will be the underdog in this match.

They didn't struggle as much as we did in the earlier tournament stages and this will give them confidence.

Who do you think has the advantage in the Grand Finals considering it's a best of five format?

Gankstars’ Judgement - In a Best of Five, IFL has the confidence and stability which grants them the advantage.

Gankstars C-OPS team has had to deal with several challenges this season including the roster changes.

With the Bo5 format, we have to test our newest players on five different maps. There hasn't been a lot of time for us to prepare them and develop a concise strategy for every location.

How are your finals preparations going?

Gankstars’ Judgement - To prepare for finals, we've been experimenting a lot.

Team flexibility and situational awareness have been two key priorities.

We haven't been able to turn our strategies into diamonds just yet, but we've been applying more and more pressure every day.

We hope that the scenarios we prepared for happen so we can swiftly execute our strategies. If not, we will be at even more of a disadvantage.

Any words for the fans who will watch the finals?

Gankstars’ Judgement - For all the GS fans and tournament viewers, know that we are working every day to give you a match you deserve. For the GS fans, be sure to turn up in force and support the home team. Tune in March 24th for a game you won't forget!

Part 2: IFL

Did Team Pharaohs surprise you with their great performance on Plaza in the Semis?

IFL’s Fish - Yes, they surprised us, we weren’t expecting them to do as well as they did on Plaza as they’ve done before on other maps against other teams.

You've been playing great through the whole season. Now you are facing Gankstars to decide who is going to be the Critical Ops Winter Season North American Champion.

What is your opinion about them and what do you think about their new lineup that we've seen in the Semi-Finals?

IFL’s Fish - Well, Gankstars isn’t a team that you can just sleep on no matter what their lineup is, you know it will be strong.

Who do you think has the advantage in the Grand Finals considering it's a best of five format?

IFL’s Fish - Since it's a best of five in the Grand Finals, I feel like Gankstars have the advantage considering they are the reigning champions and they also have a lot of previous experience.

How are your preparations going and do you have something special in store for your opponents?

IFL’s Fish - Our preparations have been very thought out, going over every little thing to help us gain the upper hand, as for something special you’ll just have to watch the match to find out.

Any words for the fans that will watch the finals?

IFL’s Fish - I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us and continue to support us also the people that have been there with us throughout this journey, your support is what motivates us to keep playing and wanting to keep winning.

Are we going to see a new North American Champion or are Gankstars going to defend the title?

This question will be answered on 24th of March at 01:00 AM CET

Make sure to tune in at  once we go live, so you don't miss this spectacular game. If you enjoy C-ops, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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