Nightsky Rangers leave Ripple Esports

January 2, 2019 16:06

NightSky Rangers were considered as one of the teams that might do very well in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational.

Once the season started, they couldn’t really perform up to their level as they were already eliminated in the Quarterfinals.

After a short stint as Ripple Esports, they decided to leave the organization and take their former name once again.

In this interview, we asked iCys a couple of questions regarding the current roster and the recent events.


During the last season, you ended your run in the Quarterfinals with a loss over team SpaceX Gaming.

What was the main reason why you couldn't really play well in that matchup?

There isn't really a reason for us losing if the games were played a day earlier or a day later, the results would've been different.

Just like the SpaceX VS CSPG Gaming series.

The results of these games aren't really the level of both teams.

It's not that SpaceX outplayed us, we just underperformed, and we're here for revenge.

Now, you've just left Ripple Esports.

Can you tell us what happened here and why did you decide to use your old name once again?

We would prefer not to talk about this.

There was no conflicts or anything similar, we enjoyed playing under them and wish them the best of luck.

Did you make any roster changes after the Autumn Invitational other then BiBo coming into your team?

As of now, our roster is iCys, Rusk (Liquid), Roji, Desire (Nimbxs), BiBo, Nao, and Booster.

However, we might have a few changes as players are still trying to see if they will be able to commit to the team whilst managing their studying and jobs.

But in a few days, we should have our finalized roster.

What is going to be the role of BiBo and do you think he can improve your team?

Apart from him being a skilled player, he has been playing with us for a long time as a casual player, and he is in good deeds with all of our members, so we skip the phase of us trying to build team chemistry with him.

He will be playing as a support player, and we do hope to achieve the best with him.

In your opinion, what aspect of the game would you say your team needs to work the most?

Probably our map knowledge and team coordination, individually no doubt everyone on the team is capable of winning their fights, but we are going to need possibly a few weeks to get our coordination right so we can understand each other more.

How is your preparation looking at the moment for the up and coming seasons?

As I mentioned earlier, as for now our roster is not finalized, so we can't really practice with our main 7.

However, we do play friendly scrims with other clans in order to hopefully keep our aim and game sense at their peak.

Now that CSPG Gaming is gone, do you feel like NightSky Rangers can be one of the teams that can potentially reach the Asian throne?

Honestly speaking it's sad watching CSPG leave the scene after being the only team that was around for so long.

They always gave us competition and we would love to have them back.

But reaching the Asian throne was never limited to CsPG for us.

We treat all the teams equally and we try to perform our best.

Along the way, who do you consider as the toughest opponent that you might face?

As mentioned in a Valiance article earlier, SpaceX is the best Asian team on paper, but with more than half of their roster being changed, it's safe to treat them as a completely new team.

So we have not seen any of the teams perform in a major before therefore we can't judge.

But teams like zG, SpaceX, Unbalance, and Azure are ones we should look out for.

Would you like to say something to the Japanese or Asian fans?

We appreciate all the support from you guys, and we hope to change the community looks at us right now.

Hopefully, we surprise everyone and show our true level.


A single elimination format might not be the best format to judge how good the team is.

It’s possible that Nightsky Rangers also had a day off.

There is always a chance for them to perform in the upcoming seasons and show their true colors.

We’re looking forward to seeing what they can do.

You can follow NightSky Rangers at - @NightSkyGG

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