Nightsky Rangers are looking to do some damage in the Autumn Invitational

October 23, 2018 12:13

There are several new teams that we’re going to see in the Asian region for the Autumn Invitational.

One of them is the up and coming team from Japan that we have directly invited to the playoff bracket – Nightsky Rangers.

To find out how the team was created and what do they expect from the Autumn Invitational, we asked their leader of the team (iCys) a couple of questions.

Here it goes!

Can you tell us something about your team and what players will represent you in the upcoming season?

After the disbandment of LeFP and XioN, Nightsky Rangers was founded, in early September.

Our roster does include a few ex LeFP and Xion members.

Here is the roster that will be representing us in the autumn season along with their roles.

Relax: IGL/Entry Fragger

iCys: Entry fragger/Lucker

Honor: Entry fragger

Orias: Support/Lucker

Roji: Support

Nao: Substitute

Rusk: Substitute

What does it mean for you to be one of the four invited teams from Asia in the Autumn Invitational?

Playing in Critical Ops Autumn Invitational is a huge opportunity for us to have a better reputation in the community and to get known, as well as playing and winning against teams like SpaceX Gaming and CsPG.

Considering that you are going to first face the Asian competition, how would you rate your chances against the likes of CSPG Gaming and SpaceX Gaming?

We have the potential to beat any team in the Asian competitive scene, we did beat SpaceX Gaming and CsPG before in scrims and community tournaments.

Do we do have a pretty high chance of winning them in Autumn Invitational?

We can and we will.

Later on, if you advance into the later stage of the bracket, you will meet some of the European finest teams.

Would you say that the European teams are way better than the Asian ones in the Autumn Invitational?

Not really, in my opinion, the Asian teams are better than the European teams.

However, that remains my personal opinion and we will have to wait to find out.

How does your team practice and what results do you usually get?

We have been trying out different play styles, strats, and player roles every day.

We don't keep track of our Win/Lose ratio anymore but we did beat every one of the invited teams in the Asian region multiple times, and vice versa.

What result would you be satisfied with at the end of the Autumn Invitational?

We are definitely hoping to finish victorious, but we respect all the participating teams and wish them the best of luck.

Are there any other top teams in Japan then Nightsky Rangers and how would you describe the Japanese teams in general?

We are unsure of that since last season we have seen many clans disbanding especially from the Japanese region.

Is there something you want to tell to your fans in Asia?

Please follow us on the social media channels!

Discord: @NightskyJPdiscord

Twitter: @NightSkyJP

The race for the Asian Throne is open.

Who knows, maybe Nightsky Rangers will surprise everyone in the upcoming matches.

Regardless of how it goes for them, we wish them the best!

Do you think this team has the potential to take it all?

Write down your opinion in the comments.

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