April 22, 2018 14:22

The Critical Ops Spring Invitational is about to begin in a few hours.

D2R is definitely not having an easy start of the tournament, as they’re going to face Gankstars in the first round of the event.

In order to understand how they have been doing lately, we decided to ask them a couple of questions regarding their recent acquisitions and the performance in the previous season.

The questions are answered by multiple people from their team. (Legacy, J7, and Nick).

Without further ado, here is the interview!

In the Winter Season, you’ve managed to beat Gankstars in the Group Stages, however you lost to them in the Semi-Finals (11-13 Plaza and 6-13 Legacy)

LegacyWe’ve tasted defeat to Gankstars many times during the past year. 

They are the best in the world right now. 

It's always tough to lose any match especially when we’ve started to build a little rivalry within the NA scene. 

We just need to re-focus, look at the film, and learn from our mistakes. 

Heading into the groups, we felt confident about our lineup being led by "J7". 

Defeating Gankstars in Valiance, was an obstacle we hadn’t overcome yet. 

With the team's amazing performance on Grounded, we showed we had the heart, the fight, and determination to come back. 

Winning that map was a big step for us. 

It gave us valuable points in the standings as well as proved that we belong in the top teams’ discussion.

What was different for you this time and did you expect the match to go that way?

J7 – We started the Plaza match great and when we were up.

We were so confident that the win was around the corner. 

After the sides switched, they started gaining momentum by using what is now known grenade strategy. 

We lost the game because of that and we couldn’t come back from it. 

Then going into Legacy, which was their pick, we knew they were strong on the map. 

Losing on Legacy, wasn’t as disappointing as the Plaza map.

Are you surprised Gankstars managed to step it up as they did after a somewhat of a weak performance during the Group Stages?

Legacy – Not at all. 

We always expect them to bring a championship caliber performance especially when it matters. 

The depth of their roster is full of talent, who all have chemistry with each other. 

It’s one of those teams that are just as dangerous with subs playing for the starters. 

We just have to find their weakness, just like other teams such as IFL/E8 have done.

A well-known player in the community has joined up your ranks – "Lala".  What is the main reason why you decided to recruit him and what do you think he is going to bring to your team?

J7 – When I picked up "Lala", I knew right away he would become a great player as he is known for his awping skills. 

He’s been on a lot of top teams and he knows what he has to do to play at a high level. 

"Lala" and other players such as "Matthew" and "Breezy" could be our final piece for a championship run.

As a team manager/leader, who impressed you the most in your lineup in recent tournaments?

Nick – As a team manager/leader, I have seen many players come and go throughout my time in D2R

Lots of great players, so much talent, but I would still say that the lineup we have now is the best lineup we have had in a long time, possibly ever. 

Two specific players that have really stepped up are "J7" and "Milio".  First off "J7", the Captain and now In-Game-Leader (IGL) for our team, has taken on much greater responsibilities than previously with his role on the team.

I would bargain to say he is one of, if not the best mechanical player in Critical Ops right now. 

When he plays well and has no restraints, the opposition is crushed. 

This was evident in the Plaza match, when he reached around 20 frags just in the first half, running across the map getting kills everywhere. 

"Milio", another great player and arguably one of the best in the world right now, could be the most clutch. 

"Kam" is known to be a very clutch as well, but after last Valiance, seeing Milio pull off 1v1’s, 1v2’s, and 1v3’s on Grounded versus a team like IFL, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the most clutch player right now. 

He’s definitely one of the smartest, experienced players in the game. 

When he has a great performance, the game cannot be lost.

If you had to point out your main weakness as a team right now, what would it be?

J7 – Our main weaknesses right now are getting trades and winning pistol rounds

After looking at our statistics and previous tournaments, we really need to improve in those areas if we want to win.

What is your current ranking of North American teams, and is there a clear number #1?

Legacy – Right now, the NA scene is more competitive than ever

With teams like Gankstars, IFL, Impreza, Team Pharoahs/Levidia, and the newly announced Spacestation Gaming, it will be increasingly tougher for teams to reach the groups' stages. 

There is not a guaranteed win anymore, for any team. 

Currently, I’d say the "Big Four", in no order, are Gankstars, IFL, D2R, and Spacestation Gaming

SSG, has an exciting roster with plenty of talent. 

Really excited to see them play together in the Spring Invitational

Is there a clear number 1? 

Gankstars is still number #1 until proven otherwise. 

What are your plans for the upcoming events?

Legacy – After a tournament, we always assess what we did well, and what didn’t work. 

We look at the VODs, go over possible new strategy, as well as finding the right pieces. 

We are really thankful to have been invited to participate in the Valiance Spring Invitational, so we have been preparing for our match against Gankstars

We know it will be another great match against a tough opponent, but we feel like we can get the job done and play against the winner of IFL/SSG.

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

From D2REsports – We are truly blessed to have such great fans and supporters of D2R

Our fans are just as important as each member of the team and staff.   Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do this. 

Thank you to all of you and cheer us on in the Spring Invitational #SpringCOPS #D2RWin

We would first like to thank Valiance for putting together great content, top notch streams, as well as giving us a platform to play Critical Ops on at a Professional level, for the community and fans. 

D2R seems more than aware of their mistakes in the past and with the new players in the team, it will be interesting to see how their match against Gankstars is going to finish.

We would like to thank them for the extensive interview and wish them best of luck in the upcoming tournament.

You can follow D2R at - D2REsports

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