New guns on the European scene - Team Exclusive

January 18, 2019 18:17

The Critical Ops European scene is shaping up to be one of the most competitive out there.

In the recent ESL 5on5 cups, we’ve witnessed the rise of Team Exclusive.

During the games against some of the best teams in Europe, they were able to match their firepower and push them to the limit.

In order to find out more about them and how the team was formed among other things, we decided to talk with the in-game leader of the team – Fierce.


Tell us a brief history of your team.

Panda - Entry/Rifler

Medusa - Support/Rifler

CreZ - Sniper/Support

Fierce - IGL/Lurk

Instict - Entry/Rifler

Lux - Support/Rifler

So Exclusive was created 7 months ago by me, Mz and E1.

It worked out in the beginning but later on, it didn't go as planned so it disbanded after 5 months.

A month ago, I decided to revive it and recruit some of its old players as well as some new names.

And here we are with almost the same roster for a month.

You have achieved some notable results in the recent ESL cups in Critical Ops.

During the first week, you were able to bring the best out of S2 Gaming.

Even though you were not able to win, you made the match very interesting as last round was deciding everything.

Can you tell us what happened in this matchup and did you expect to play so well?

The first week of ESL started 1 week after our revival, so we decided to test our level by playing it.

Our matchup against S2 Gaming was quite interesting as we came back from a 3-9 all the way to a 12-12.

Obviously, being a newly formed team the pressure got to us and we gave away the last round.

That also made us have low expectations against one of the best European teams.

In the third week, you amped it up and notch and made it all the way to the Grand Finals of the cup, where you eventually lost to Team Elevate with 0:2 scoreline.

Tell us more about this series,  and was it close at any time?

We went into this cup with high expectations.

We had our practice and we built everything we need.

And we eventually made it to the finals to face Team Elevate.

In the first map, we were leading 12-9 but we gave our lead away.

In your opinion, what did you lack the most during those matches that allowed Elevate to get the victory?

Our main issue was that we played for 8 hours straight so people got tired and lost motivation and therefore we lost the series.

Finally, in the last ESL Cup, you manage to get that number one spot.

Can you tell us something about it?

I think it's great for the team's name and the players' morale.

Although people can say that it wasn't well organized, a win is a win.

It was all thanks to the amazing composure and teamwork from my teammates.

We came close last time but now we managed to win it.

Now, the European scene is the most competitive scene in the Critical Ops.

What would you say is the main reason for this?

The European scene is the most competitive probably because it has the new generation of players who are hungry to win and become the best like Team Legacy and UpNorth.

The scene also still features the legends of the game like Dynasty and Team Elevate.

Do you feel like your team could potentially make it into the top 3 in any of Valiance events?

With practice and high hopes, anything could be possible.

We will give our best and we will see where it takes us.

What are your goals for the next 3-6 months?

Obviously, every team's goal is to become one of the best if not the best, so we have that in mind.

And also we are aiming to build a strong stable team to leave a mark in the scene.

Say something to your fans.

Eventually, with time and hard work, we will give you guys what you want and show you what you have been waiting for.

And don't forget to #KeepItExclusive!

We’re glad to see new faces coming into the scene and shaking up the current team ranking.

It will be interesting to see what Exclusive can show us in the future, and this may only be just the beginning.

Regardless, we wish Exclusive best of luck in their future matches.

You can follow Exclusive at - @Exclusive_iOS

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