New Game Mode: Bring a knife to this gunfight

January 22, 2018 22:54

Are you ever tired of playing Deathmatches or Defuse matches, and wish you could try something new?

Don't worry, Critical Ops has got you covered.

They heard your wishes and have just released a new game mode called „Gun Game“ in the patch 0.9.6.

In this mode, all the players (Terrorists and Counter Terrorists) start at level zero.

The main objective is to reach level 15. The player that manages to do it first, wins the games.

Pretty simple, right?

Each player starts with a weapon and a knife, and from that point on every kill is going to bring him closer to the goal.

Basically, for the first three kills, your primary weapons will look like this;

•    MP5

•    MP7

•    P90

Once you manage to reach level 14, your objective is to get a knife kill in order to close out the game.

If you die trying, you lose a single level, making it harder for you to finish the game.

The „Gun Game“ features around 19 weapons from the game, but there are some weapons like "FP6", and "SA58" that are unfortunately missing from this game mode.

Still, in order to win you have to be skilled with most weapons, since you are unable to select your preferred options.

It's a very entertaining mode and definitely worth a try if you want to have some fun and mix thing up a little.

It can also serve as a nice warm up before going into the competitive match!

In case you missed the official video release of the new game mode, here it the link to it - Gun Game

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