New Champs Crowned at our LoL Community Tournaments!

July 12, 2023 14:12

Two champions have risen from the latest SOLO SUPREMACY tournaments thrown by and your favourite influencer, DoubleAiM. Over 50 players jumped into the fray in each event, showing off their mad skills and battling for the top spot.

In the 3rd tourney, 'Gengela Radnik' came out of nowhere, playing as K'Sante and going toe-to-toe against a tough Karma player. 'Gengela Radnik' didn't just play it safe – at the four-minute mark, he whipped out a sick play with the help of his tower to clutch the win. Talk about strategy!

In our 4th event, 'mihaelo555' straight-up dominated the field. His Jayce play? Unbelievable. He outpaced everyone, blasting through his opponents, and emerged as the last gamer standing in the finals. That's what we call a boss move!

And their loot? Each scored a 50 EUR PaySafe card. Score! But we know it's not all about the money. It's about the glory, the bragging rights, and the chance to say, "I came, I saw, I crushed it."

Big shout-out to our epic sponsors – ProGame, Telemach, and VPN. Their bankroll made these tournaments possible, and their support for the gaming community? Unreal.

And here's a dope fact: both winners are fans of DoubleAiM. So, not only did they nab a win, but they did it under the banner of their favourite influencer. How cool is that?

So, GG to 'Gengela Radnik' and 'mihaelo555'! Your epic plays and crushing victories were a blast to watch. You've amped up the excitement for our next tournaments. Keep flexing those skills, gamers. We can't wait to see who rises to the top next in the ever-competitive world of LoL. Game on!

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