Nafkelah survives Napoeion's scare in 1v1

July 21, 2021 19:39

We have concluded our first ever 1v1 Showdown with Nafkelah in the spotlight. 


It was an intense match between Napoeion and Nafkelah in which Napoeion managed to take the 1st game in a mirror matchup Vel'koz vs Vel'koz. But Nafkelah had non of it as he convincingly took the 2nd game to his name playing Tryndamere with a Lvl 6 dive under Napoeions turret. Game 3 looked almost the same but this time it was Nafkelah on Zed and once again Napoeion on Vel'koz and it ended in the same fashion as the 2nd game.

More 1v1 Showdowns are scheduled to happen! This was a test tournament for us to see which format works the best and if everything is working as it should be. We thank all of our fans for participating in this pilot project as we look to improve even further with our future tournaments and we hope you follow us through that journey.


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