MVP: The man in charge of rebuilding D2R

January 24, 2019 14:40

D2R Esports is a team that needs no introduction in the North American scene.

Recently, they went through some major changes, and now, they’re slowly rebuilding their team and getting ready for the upcoming events.

The man in charge of handling the rebuilding process is none other than MVP!

As you can already suspect, we simply couldn’t resist getting in touch with him and asking a couple of questions regarding his new position as the team leader.


Hey MVP,

You've been tasked to put D2R back online and form the lineup.

How do you feel about this and would you say you are the right person for the job?

I feel honored Legacy came to ask me to lead his team.

It was a no-brainer that I would do it for him.

I feel like I would be a good person for the job because of just of how much experience I have.

Not just playing the game but in D2R by itself.

I been in D2R since May and been there for a little bit a while back.

I’m already used to the staff and management, so being comfortable isn’t an issue.

What kind of lineup are you aiming to form and which players are in the team right now?

I’m aiming to form a tournament winning lineup.

A lineup that could streak together tourney wins, sort of like how GS did.

As far as ex-players, I don’t have any.

I’m using all new players.

They aren’t really new to competitive aspect of the game, they’re just new to D2R.

Been scouting some players these past weeks and some of these newer players got chances to be tier 1 pros with the right guidance.

Below you can find the list of players that are currently in the team;

MVP - In game leader (Captain), secondary sniper, rifler

Lala - Sniper

Nathan - Support/rifler

Abuse - Entry/ rifler

Vision - Support/Rifler

Are you receiving any support from the management, or are you going to pick players on your own?

I’m not receiving any support from management in regards to picking players.

Legacy gifted me the power to have full control and responsibly in who I recruit.

He trusts that I will make good decisions in who I allow in to represent D2R.

As a player, you've played in many times, but this is the first time, that you are going to actually lead the team.

What kind of challenges are you expecting on your journey and do you see it as a difficult one?

In terms of leading the team, the only challenges I’m expecting on my journey is maybe the lack of experience on the big stage.

Not many players have been able to reach Grand Finals of Valiance.

Just keeping them calm and not nervous might be a little difficult.

I don’t see this as a difficult challenge to overcome.

I can guide them along the way easily to stay calm and focus.

How much time do you think you will need to get the team on the top of the scene and have team play on a strong level?

I think we’re ready now to compete at top level. Additional practice now is just sharpening at this point.

In the Autumn Invitational, you ended up losing in the Semi-Finals vs Hammers Esports.

Were you disappointed a lot by this, and what was in your opinion the biggest issue why you lose that series?

I think losing is disappointing to everyone.

Especially when the match is 12-12, and you somehow lose the last round.

In my opinion, the biggest issue on why we lost was not enough practice.

We started to goof off at the end, wasn’t focused, could’ve practiced longer.

Also, personal performances could’ve been a lot better out of some players, myself especially.

Is there any team in the North American scene that looks impressive to you right now?

Hammers Esports and SeM are the only obstacles I see that could potentially get in the way.

After all the roster changes that occurred recently, they both still have great firepower that could bring them to a championship.

We've seen a lot of new faces coming to the European scene and giving the top guns hard time.

Why do you think this is not the case in the North American scene?

Generally, the European scene has a lot more players aiming for the competitive aspect of Critical Ops.

But I think the main reason is that in EU there are more players the actually play the game for the passion of it and not the money.

Where on the other hand we got the North American scene where we have people trying to make $$$ from it.

So that isn’t the case right now for Critical Ops and they’re leaving the game and venturing out to other big names.

Goals for the upcoming period?

My only goal for the upcoming period is bringing not only myself but Legacy (manager for D2R) another championship.

I'd also like to win and to show our newer players in the team what's it like to be at the top.

It’ll also be a good example to the other semi-pros in the scene that winning isn’t impossible.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

To all my fans, stay tuned for what we have in store for you.

You don't want to miss it!

If you want to stay posted on what D2R does and how we’re doing, subscribe to my YouTube channel -

There, you'll be able to find some of our matches, both practice and tournament ones.

The goals are set for D2R, and it’s going to be interesting to see if MVP can bring back the old fame to the team.

Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and hope that they can reach their former heights.

You can follow D2R Esports at - @D2REsports

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