Mullet Mafia aiming to become the number one in Europe

February 20, 2019 14:10

We mentioned already numerous times that the European Critical Ops scene is on the rise.

Today, team Mullet Mafia is in the spotlight and ITzFrostBow is the one answering the questions!

In the interview, we discuss their recent tournament results, lineup changes, and their thoughts on the newest patch among other things.


It's been a while since we talked with any of the Mullet Mafia members.

Can you tell us which players represent your lineup at the moment and their current roles?

First of all, thank you for the interview opportunity.

Muillet Mafia has a lot of decent players and each of them has a specific role in the team.

Our lineup consists of the following players;

Nuiiin-game leader

VEPTO - entry

Always - entry

Zee -sniper

Weed - support

SanAndreas - lurker

BrokenYE - support

What are your recent tournament results and have you been playing in any of the ESL cups?

Mullet Mafia has been attending lots of community tournaments and we will continue working in tournaments like the following Illyrians Force (known as IFT).

In season 3 we came up 4th and that position didn't stop us from reaching the top, so in season 4 we participated again and we managed to become 1st.

While in Master Tournament (Season 2) we ended up second.

MFA was part of ESL cups during the ESL Season 5.

We also managed to secure 2nd position, and we attended the ESL Open League Spring where we managed to secure a second place once again.

If you had to describe your team in 1 sentence, what would that be?

Mullet Mafia has never given up and will never do!

In your opinion, which part of the game your team needs to improve the most and why?

MFA has surely improved since last time we talked!

The lineup is mostly made from unknown names but they for sure work well together.

As for individuals, I would say that they are all decent and skillful, the same goes for their teamwork but what would we need to improve?

Well, I wouldn’t say that we need to improve much but we just need to practice more in a couple of maps that we rarely play on them.

Tell us your thoughts on Vector.

The new gun that is being added known as “vector” the new SMG, with the cheap price of £1700 is definitely going to be used in the competitive scene because it has a really fast fire rate and a big magazine.

I also do think that the gun doesn't deal a lot of damage, so I'd say it most likely won't have any groundbreaking impact on the competitive aspect on the game.

Right now, how would you rate the competition in Europe?

The competitive scene in Europe isn't improving but instead, it's decreasing and a lot of teams are disbanding and moving on to other games.

Critical Force is not spending enough time towards the competitive scene and that is the reason why you see teams disbanding.

What are your plans and aspirations for the future?

Our dream from the beginning was to be number one in this game, and since then even though as a clan we had our ups and downs, we have loyal people who won't give up to make our dream become a reality.

I'd say our goals still remain the same.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

Just keep it up, MFA is in this game without losing motivation.

We had bad and good moments like everyone but we always found a solution to our problems together.

Keep supporting us, we will reach the top!

Mullet Mafia has a goal and they are working hard toward it.

Even if they don’t succeed in becoming the best European team, they definitely have the right mentality and approach to do so.

It will be interesting to see what they can show us in the future.

You can follow Mullet Mafia at - @MafiaMfa

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