MrBates: This community needs more contracts and professionalism

February 2, 2018 12:28

During the last Critical Ops Autumn Season we invited „SetToDestroyX“ to the Group Stage, but unfortunately they couldn’t participate.

This season they are here and they are trying to secure their spot in the Group Stage by going through the Open Qualifiers.

That’s why we decided to talk with a well-known figure in the Critical Ops scene - the famous Youtuber and one of the key players in „SetToDestroyX“ – MrBates.

We discussed his team's current status, who they consider the biggest threat in the Open Qualifiers and how does he manage his Youtube channel while playing professionally among other things.

Enjoy the interview!

Can you please introduce your current roster and the roles in the team?

This is our current roster and roles that each player has in the team.

-Zen - EntryFrag

-Exo - IGL

-Ov - Support/EntryFrag

-Primza - Support/EntryFrag

-Bates - Sniper

-Tekow - Lurk/Support

-Barren - Support/EntryFrag

-G2 - Entryfrag

You were invited to compete in the Critical Ops Autumn Season, but at the end you were unable to participate.

What was the main reason for that and was this a setback for your team?

The main reason we weren’t able to participate was because of the fact we didn’t have enough players who were available to play that day, but this hasn’t set us back.

Our biggest issue was that there were some people who weren't as active as we needed them to be, but after some meetings and chats with the team most of us are becoming more and more active again.

We are getting back to the level of how we used to play and eventually we will surpass that level again.

It's all a matter of dedication and teamwork, because teamwork makes the dream work ;)

Now you are playing in the Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through to the Group Stages?

I surely do believe we have what it takes to make it through, the few top teams in the EU are all fairly close to each other, but with enough practice and keeping that positive mindset we can most definitely make it through.

Who do you see as the biggest threat in the Open Qualifiers and why?

The biggest threat in my eyes is definitely „Kings Uprising“, they have a strong lineup and they have always been a rival of us.

No offense to any of the other teams in the open qualifiers but in my eyes Kings Uprising are the only threat.

What do you think of the changes we have prepared for the current season?

I couldn't be happier with the changes you've made, keeping the online tournaments regional is the only fair way to do it, ping difference will always be a key factor in winning or losing an online tournament, but keeping that difference to a minimum surely is a good decision.

I am a big fan of the round robin format, it truly shows what the standings are among the top teams, so thank you for that change.

Could you describe your team in a few sentences?

Our team is one that persists, even when things aren't going well and there are fights in the team, in the end, we all become the bigger man and work things out with each other, and yes surely the contract helps with that.

If it weren't for the contracts the team would've probably split up back in August already, but thanks to the contract we are forced to work things out.  

At the moment it’s clear to me that the team does want to stick together even after the contract would come to an end.

It's funny to me how the people that call us contract slaves are the ones that can't stick in a team for longer than a month.

We are happy to be under contract, it helps, its something this community needs, some professionalism as a team, something that helps them stay together even when things are not going that good.

How do you manage to balance your youtube channel activities and competitive gaming at the same time?

I don't actually.

I used to try and upload daily but it’s impossible for me to record/edit/upload a video every day, and go to work, and do some household chores (I live alone so I don't have a mom or dad to do things like laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and such for me) and practice with the team.

It didn’t work out for me so I had to make a choice, so I chose to spend less time on my channel and more on the team.

I still try to upload at least weekly and I'm aiming to get better at editing and spend more time on each video that I used to do, but its a slow process and it will take some time, but I'm glad to see that the fans still enjoy the videos I upload.

Assuming you pass the Open Qualifiers, what result would satisfy you?

Well, of course, we are aiming for a first-place finish, but if we talk about just being satisfied, at least a third-place finish would do it for us.

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Don't let people tell u how to walk/talk/act/be, you are you and they are they, always stay true to who u are.

If people don't like that, that's not your issue, you don't need to be everyone's friend, you don't need to satisfy everyone.

You need to be yourself and nothing else, these are the words I live by.

I'm not here to be everyone's friend, I will say what’s on my mind, I will share my unsalted opinion, I'm not afraid to speak out and nor should you.

A lot of people like me because of that but a lot of people also dislike me because of that, but that's just the way the world is.

There will always be people who like you and people who dislike you, but why should you worry about those people?

Care about the friends you have and not about the ones you don't have.

That's about it.

We'd like to thank MrBates for this awesome and extensive interview and wish him and his team the best of luck in the Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers.

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