Mr.Bates: You can't say we didn't deserve an invite based off this season

November 21, 2018 11:14

In the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational Quarterfinals, we’ve seen a very one-sided series between SetToDestroyX and Vision Gaming, where STdX was not able to perform very well.

Right after the match, we’ve seen several players in the community calling out SetToDestroyX cause of their lackluster performance.

To see what really went wrong here, we decided to ask Mr.Bates several questions about their match in the Autumn Invitational.


On Grounded you started on the Terrorist side and things didn't go well for you.

In the end, you lost the map with 13-0 scoreline.

Did you talk with the team as soon as the map finished on what you can potentially do in the following map - what was the situation on the voice server after this?

When we started on Grounded there was some confusion with "primza" disconnecting at the beginning of the first round and there was no reset so that kinda threw us off.

After that game, we just tried to just clear our mind and just focus on the second map.

On the second map (Bureau), you were unable to perform again.

In your opinion, what went wrong for your team in these two matches?

A lot went wrong, to be honest.

There are multiple reasons why we did so bad on both maps but I'm not going to list all of them because then it's just going to sound like I'm trying to come up with excuses.

The main two reasons why we lost are simply the fact that we underperformed and the fact that Vision Gaming is such a strong team and probably the strongest European team has seen so far.

After the match, some of the players in the community judged your team and said you shouldn't be invited?

What is your comment on that?

The fact that some people claim that we shouldn't have been invited is just one of those comments without any thought put into it.

Being invited to this invitational is not something that was randomly done. It's not because we are playing in a known organization that we got invited.

We got invited because of our past performances in Valiance tournaments.

Sure we haven't placed first in any of them, but we placed consistently top 3 or top 4 and that is honestly nothing to be ashamed about.

Maybe we are indeed not on the same level as teams like Vision Gaming, Team Elevate, and S2 Gaming but what other teams in EU are?

There are barely any teams in EU that are worth considering to be invited.

Since they disband every other week or so.

Do you think this is unjustified considering you pushed the series in the Critical Ops Summer Season Semi-Finals against Vision Gaming to a third map?

It is indeed unjustified.

We played fairly well in the summer season and gave Vision Gaming a run for their money.

You can't just say we didn't deserve to be invited based upon the games we played this season.

You can't know beforehand how a team is going to perform.

Again it is based on past performances and those have been good enough to be invited in our case.

Based on the results in the past seasons, would you say your invites in the past were always justified?

I still believe our previous invite was also justified for the same reason as I stated earlier.

No other team sticks around for long enough to deserve an invite themselves.

Nor do they perform well enough themselves.

What is your plan now that you are out of the season?

Are you going to practice and prove in the upcoming season that your team is among the best in Europe?

We have a few things we are currently discussing.

I'm afraid I can't share what those are atm.

Anything you want to say to the COPS community?

The only thing I want to say is, learn to look at the bigger picture.

Don't just look at one performance and think poorly of a team.

Also, keep in mind that we didn't just lose this hard to any team as we lost to Vision Gaming is the best team in the region.

If you still think we didn't deserve to be invited than stop disbanding your team and stick around long enough to be invited yourself.

The people in our community have a mentality of trying to join the best team rather than trying to become the best team.

I think that's something that should change.

We’d like to thank Mr.Bates for taking the time to talk to us.

We also do hope that SetToDestroyX is going to bounce back from this defeat.

You can follow SetToDestroyX at - @SetToDestroyX

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