Mr. Bates - 3 people are on trial for ZEN's spot

October 15, 2018 10:36

SetToDestroyX is an important name in the European scene.

In the Critical Ops Summer season, they lost to Vision Gaming in the Semi-Finals, however, they did give us a lot of quality games during the entire season.

The team has also been playing together with the same roster for a very long time, but now that has changed as “ZEN” is no longer the part of the team.

To find out what’s going on behind the scenes, we made an extensive interview with Mr. Bates.

Hope you all enjoy this one!

Hello Mr. Bates.

In the Critical Ops Summer Season, you've put up a better performance than in the previous seasons.

What would you say was the reason biggest reason for your success here?

I don't know what the reason is to why we did better than before.

I think it was just a matter of time for us to breach through.

We've been together for so long, each and every one of the players is really good, but we just needed our time to find our groove, and that's what we did.

Persistence is key, a lot of people just don't have the patience or the willpower to go through all the rough times to reach improvement/success.

I still believe we will have our grand win soon.

Once you faced Vision Gaming in the Semi-Finals, you were able to bring out the best of them.

Did you feel at any moment that you could have won that series?

I myself didn't play against Vision Gaming due to technical issues, but I watched them play and they did put up a very good game on Bureau.

However, I saw a lot of mistakes happen on the other maps, I did feel like we could've won the game, but I'm not sure what happened, nerves maybe...  nonetheless, vision is a really strong team and at the moment we're not at the same level as them yet.

We still have a way to go.

Just after the season, "ZEN" announced that he would be leaving the lineup.

How is this going to affect SetToDestroyX considering your team was "notorious" for not changing members even after the results were not doing that well?

We've been struggling with "ZEN" being in the team for some time.

We didn't feel as comfortable with each other lately.

It was a mutual decision to part ways, and we believe it's for the better, both for STdX as for "ZEN".

Finding the right players for your team is a process that takes time and time taught us that “ZEN” maybe wasn't the right player for the team.

However, we are thankful for the time he has been with us, thankful for the things he's done for us and we truly wish him the best of luck in his new team.

There were also rumors regarding some of your other members leaving the team like "Primza" or "Overload".

Can you please give us a comment on that?

Overload” felt like time was ticking for him.

He doesn't know for how much longer he will be playing this game anymore due to personal reasons, and he really wants a title under his name (as we all do).

Since he felt like time was ticking and the team wasn't winning he thought about trying to win with another team.

However, he came to the realization that this would've been a selfish move to do, and he also feels like winning with STdX would feel so much more rewarding than winning with another team.

The rumors of "primza" leaving were mere rumors as "primza" had no intention of leaving the team at all.

In your opinion, who would be the best fit to fill the shoes of "ZEN" in the lineup?

Are you trialing some new players and can you tell us who they are?

I can't really answer that question.

There are a lot of really good players out there but I need to find that one player that fits with the rest of the team.

I don't need a player that is just good at the game.

STdX is a team where the members are all very close to each other, almost like a second family, finding someone to replace family isn't something that happens in a short period of time.

We currently have 3 people that we trial, but I can't say who we will accept yet because I simply don't know yet.

The way we trial in STdX is a lot different than in other teams.

We take our time finding the right player.

It took about 3 months for example for "deadbear" to officially join the team.

Now that was indeed a really long time but only then were we sure that he was the right player for this team.

A trial process works both ways, it's not just for the team to find out if the trial is the right player for the team, but its also for the trial to figure out if this is indeed the right team for him, and that's something that takes time.

The Autumn Invitational is just around the corner - If your team will receive an invite, how well do you expect to perform this season as a team?

It's hard to expect anything from the next tournament since teams are constantly disbanding and getting recreated.

We don't know which team will be on the rise next but if we do get invited we expect it to be a very tough tournament.

We also expect Vision Gaming to be there once again and we know how good they are, so lets hope for the best and we will try to finally come out on top.

What result would you be content with after the season finishes?

Same as always, a top 3 would be satisfying, but we're aiming for that number one spot.

Can you tell us how you feel about the European scene right now and is there a team that is clearly better than the rest?

Can't really answer that right now.

I'm fed up seeing teams disband on the daily bases.

I'm also losing a lot of respect for these players/teams that decide to throw everything they worked for away after not winning a tournament or such.

But this shouldn't really be my issue.

To answer the second part of the question: I'd say Vision Gaming is the one team that I truly do respect in the European scene.

Their players have stuck with each other for a long time as well and they perform extraordinarily.

If there is one sentence that you can say to all the fans that have been supporting you for a long time, what would that be?

Persistence is the root of all success, don't give up so easily.

Making a change is never easy but there is a chance that this might be a good move for SetToDestroyX as they haven’t been able to reach the Grand Finals yet.

We’d like to thank Mr. Bates for his time and we wish them the best of luck.

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