Mountain - I believe we have an equal chance in Grand Finals

December 8, 2018 15:25

There is now less than a day left before we see the clash between CSPG Gaming and Vision Gaming in the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational 'EURASIA' Grand Finals

CSPG Gaming definitely left a mark even with the new roster, and we’re excited to see what they can do in the Grand Finals.

We decided to ask their team manager “Mountain” a couple questions ahead of the most important series of the season.


You made the show in the Semi-Finals vs SpaceX Gaming.

On Bureau, you played almost an impeccable Counter-Terrorist side which allowed you to get an easy win later on once you swapped (13:3).

What was the formula for success here for you?

Honestly, there wasn’t a “formula for success” as such; we were unprepared, we didn’t have any specific tactics or anything special.

We just played as a unit and used our chemistry and the momentum boost to our advantage.

"Unravel" dominated that match with 24 frags.

In your opinion, was that a big factor that contributed to your victory?

"Unravel" had an amazing performance throughout the Bureau game, especially as "xzr" had high ping and was lagging throughout the entire game, with this disadvantage a player had to step up for the team.

"Unravel" did that job along with good support from "Beauty"/"Heine" and "Matt" who stepped up when it was needed the most.

Along with our teamwork, "Unravel's" performance boosted our morale and gave us confident rounds contributing to the overall win.

During the second map (Grounded), you once again showed dominance against SpaceX Gaming by winning it (13:5). What was your thought process on Grounded?

We had the momentum rolling in our favor which is a huge confident booster since we had won the Bureau match (with unfavorable ping for our team) with ease.

We knew we just had to stay calm and focused to win the grounded match in a similar fashion.

Did you expect it to be that easy against SpaceX Gaming?

To be honest, a lot of the players were nervous before the match, we expected it to be an intense high-pressure battle and closer than the match-up against Unicorns.

Being almost one-sided wasn't expected.

In the Grand Finals, you are going up against Vision Gaming, who are the number one team in Europe.

How would you rate your chances here?

In my opinion, I believe we have an equal chance.

CsPG players are decent with high ping as well and I think we can perform even on their server, however, Vision Gaming is definitely a dominant team.

It might all come down to that final map.

If you had to pick two players from their lineup that is the strongest in your opinion, who would you point out and why?

Vision Gaming has a great roster with huge firepower.

Any player can step up whenever needed.

"Adjure" is a great rifler who is very consistent, then there is "Grizz" who has a unique play style and uses unique guns to enhance his gameplay, hence making him a deadly force.

You cannot count out "Angel" as the key player from any team he plays for, he has been they key sniper in any team he has played for, getting picks and gathering information for his team always.

Is your roster going to stick together after the Autumn Invitational?

Not really sure as a lot of players are already moving to PubGM competitive whereas some have been talking about quitting (mainly because of the servers being "unplayable").

Anything you wanna say to your fans?

Thank you to all of our precious fans for their consistent love and support.

We will make sure if we stick around in C-Ops we will keep that number 1 spot in Asia (and hopefully Eurasia!).

Make sure to follow us on all our social media to stay updated with us, and support us for this Eurasia final, #CsPGFTW!

CSPG Gaming proved their worth, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they take this one.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that they can show us good games in the finals.

You can follow CSPG Gaming at - @CsPG_Gaming

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