Mountain - Asian scene is a lot tougher compared to the previous seasons

August 12, 2018 01:43

Infamous had to make some roster changes not too long before the start of the Valiance Summer Season.

In the first two weeks, they were able to win and lose a match, putting themselves in the middle of the current ranking.

To find out more how the team has been doing and what are their expectations for the remainder of the season, we decided to have a chat with the manager of the team – Mountain.

Without further ado, here is the interview!

Please tell us your current roster and the roles of the players in the team.

Kiola : Entry Fragger

Learn : Entry Fragger / awp (IGL)

Bibo : Lurker

Warlordzz / vCensor : Support

KestreL / Neutrino : Subs


Shortly before the start of the Valiance Summer Season, „Mapple“ (Gakky) left the team and you decided to revamp the roster.

In your opinion, what was the main reason why you decided to part ways and not play together anymore, considering he's been a part of your roster for a long time?

Well, he and Natsu/Acerola left before the Spring Invitational, primarily because of the language and consequent co-ordination issues.

It was a huge blow for us but we have been working on building up the team again.

We wish them a good luck with their new team!

During the first week, you ended up playing versus Kings Demise, a very strong team in the region.

Unfortunately, you ended up losing that match on Grounded with 7:13 scoreline.

Can you walk us through the match and tell us what was the main issue?

Kings Demise is one of the stronger teams from the region, and we lost because of under preparation, faulty teamwork and few individual issues which should be fixed soon.

In the second week, your performance was phenomenal as you managed to beat Xion with 13:3 score on Legacy.

Were you especially motivated here considering you played against your former teammates and can you tell us something about the match?

Coming into the match, we were highly motivated because this was kind of a do or die match for us if we want to qualify for playoffs.

We took the risk of going for coin flip for a server which went against us, so we knew we had to be very serious with our preparations and hence practiced a lot which probably showed in the results as well.

We had a setback couple of hours before the match, as our key performing player against Kings, „Kiola“, (who would have had favorable ping as well) couldn't make it because of internet issues and had to be unfortunately subbed out.

The match mainly went as planned but there were still some flaws and we will be working on fixing them.

Right now, you're 4th in the overall standings.

Who do you see as the biggest threat in the group stage that's left and why?

As such, there is no biggest threat if one practice and puts in strategic hard work, however, this time the Asian region is extremely strong with all teams mostly on par with each other.

CsPG Gaming is always a very tough competitor, being one of the oldest team from the region as well as the first Asian team to defeat a European champion in Valiance tournament.

LeFP can never be counted out as well.

Would you say you have a realistic chance to make it into the playoffs?

We have been practicing and thinking about Valiance from last few weeks, and we will try our best to reach the playoffs at least.

What would overall results in the season you be satisfied with and how would you rate the current Asian scene?

Overall results can't be predicted because this time Asian competitive scene is a lot tougher compared to all previous seasons as all the 6 teams are strong enough to beat each other.

The skills of each team, as well as individuals, have improved a lot from the Spring Invitational.

The teams which came through Qualifiers are pretty strong as well.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

We want to thank our fans for the continuous support and encouragement and we will try our best not to disappoint them and rise above expectations! #iFM2op

There are still plenty of matches for Infamous coming up in next weeks.

They will have to elevate their game even further if they wish to leave a mark in the Summer Season.

We wish them the best of luck!

You can follow Infamous at - @IFMeSports

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