Mischief: A new force in the North American region

December 20, 2018 20:00

Ever since Gankstars disbanded, there has been a gap in the North American region.

Now, a new challenger called Mischief formed, and they’re looking really promising to take on some of the best teams in the region.

Here is the interview with one of their most prominent members - Vitaly.

In the interview, we discuss the creation of the team and the goals for the upcoming period among other things.


Hello there Vitaly,

It's good to have you back on a team.

Can you please tell us a short history about the team and who's representing your lineup?

Hello and thanks. 

I'm glad to be back!

So Team Mischief has formed about a month ago.

I decided to make a new team to bring something fresh into the competitive scene.

As of now we do not have set roster, we’re still figuring out everything.

So back to how the team was made, basically me & my teammate Sterling we’re in the talks of making a new team but we needed experienced players so I went to Joker knowing Gankstars had just left the scene and I have left Hammers so we both were hungry to play.

Right now I am currently the leader of the team, in & out of the game.

My role is the IGL.

Joker's role is sniper/support.

Toast's role is entry/support.

These are the core players of the team, we’re still figuring the other players still this day to find the best lineup.

Tell us more about Mischief – is it a professional organization, or just a name you made up?

Team Mischief is not an organization but just a name I came up with, I just thought it’d look cool haha.

Now, it's pretty obvious that this team has a lot of skilled players on the roster.

How important do you think is to have experienced players such as yourself, Joker and Toast in the lineup?

Thank you very much & it is extremely important to have players like Joker and Toast on the team since they have that experience and skill that’s needed to perform.

Do you think that Joker can potentially replicate the results and legacy with this team that he managed to achieve with Gankstars?

Joker can definitely replicate his results what he has achieved with Gankstars.

It’s just about putting every piece together with time and patience.

Looking right now on the North American scene, we've seen Hammers Esports finally win the title.

Is this something you expected to happen during the Autumn Invitational?

Hammers is an amazing team and glad they’ve won a title.

And this was definitely expected, they’re an awesome team and it was about time they’ve got what they have deserved.

How would you rate the current level of the North American Teams and what are your thoughts on the teams such as D2R, Impreza and Public Enemy?

The current level of the North American Teams is simple.

There’s only really two Tier 1 teams. My thoughts on D2R, Impreza, and Public Enemy have always been the same.

They’re well-rounded teams with experience and skill.

We assume you are already preparing for the upcoming events – how is that going for your team?

Of course, we’re preparing really well for the upcoming events Critical Ops has to offer.

As far as how the team is progressing I’d say we're at where we need to be at as of now, just getting better and better every day.

What results would satisfy you in the next 3-6 months?

Some results that would satisfy me in the next 3-6 months would definitely be some Valiance winnings under the team's belts & to win a major LAN event if Critical Ops announces one.

We've seen both North America and South America face off in the Autumn Invitational.

Do you like this kind of format, or do you prefer each region to play on its own?

In my opinion, the format being used right now where different teams from different regions play each together is not good.

Ping gets in the way and time zones etc.

I feel it’s best for each region to play their own and let that region competitive scene grow by itself.

Then maybe in the near future, a LAN event will present itself and then and there we will see which region is the best in the world.

Anything you wish to say to the Critical Ops community or to your fans?

I would just like to say thank you to all the Team Mischief fans and on behalf of the team, we will strive to make you guys proud!

We think that Mischief might be a serious contender in the upcoming Critical Ops competitions.

We’re looking forward to seeing them play, and of course, we wish them the best of luck.

You can follow Mischief at - @MIS_CriticalOps

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