Meet Team zG - A very promising Asian team

December 30, 2018 20:13

Since CSPG Gaming disbanded, the Asian throne is up for grabs and the competition is looking really stiff right now.

Just a few days ago, we’ve seen a new team form in the scene called Team zG.

To find out more about them, we decided to have a chat with one of their most prominent members – xzr.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one.

You've just formed a team called Team zG with Ankh and Obliviscor that used to play for Unicorns before.

Can you tell us how exactly was this team formed and the roles of each player in the team?

The team was formed through a small group of friends.

We usually would mess around in scrims and laugh around together but we eventually decided to go further and to make a competitive team specifically for Valiance events.

Each player in the team has a set role;

Codez - entry fragger / IGL

Kuza - support / sniper

xzr - sniper / entry and support

Obliviscor - entry

Ankh - entry

cleverly - lurker / entry and support

Tell us more about the Australian players in the team (Codez, Cleverly and Kuza) and how do you think they will fit with more experienced players?

As of now, those 3, Codez, Cleverly and Kuza have decent chemistry between themselves and the rest of us (myself, Ankh and Obliviscor).

However, it can be a lot better.

We still have some time until the next events to build up team chemistry between everyone.

During the last season, you've played under CSPG Gaming.

How would you summarize your time spend with the team and how do you feel now that the team has disbanded?

My time with CsPG had good sides and bad sides.

When I was just with the members and we weren’t practicing it was fun.

We also had a good time when we played in the tournaments.

This was because we were winning against everyone, even the top tier teams.

However, as soon as we started performing worse, we had a huge fights in the team, and that was literally happening every day.

This made it hard to concentrate and it decreased our motivation and team chemistry.

Even in the Grand Finals of EURASIA, there were some fights during the matches.

I do feel a bit sad after we've disbanded because I feel our lineup was very strong and perhaps we could have won the next event.

In your opinion, what's the main reason why you ended up losing Critical Ops Autumn Invitational Grand Finals vs Dynasty?


Half of my team didn’t think we would have a single chance and would just straight up lose, however, myself and another player (not going to say names for the players reputation) believed we had a chance and thought we could win the entire tournament and in the end we both performed the best in our team.

Also being honest, some of our players weren’t playing to their best ability and thought more about their future in PUBG rather than even the tournament.

Along with the demotivation, 2 players had a fight on plaza resulting in a loss.

As soon as we lost Plaza, everyone pretty much gave up since we had to play on the European server for the following map.

What are the goals you have set with the new team?

Our goals are similar to every team's goals - to win as many events as we can and to get known across the entire community.

Now that CSPG Gaming is gone, do you think Team zG has a chance to become the number one team in the region?

As of now, I'd say every team has a decent chance.

I'm not sure what's going to happen in the future, but we will try our best to build up the chemistry between our members.

Looking at the competition in the scene, which team would you point out as the hardest opponent and why?

In my opinion, SpaceX Gaming has a lot of confidence.

They also have a couple of skilled players.

The hardest ones to play against are A17 and Despair.

Together with those two, they have really good starts and utility usage making them a hard team to go against.

Something you want to say to your fans?

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us, be sure to join our discord server and support our community - 

Also please follow me on twitter - @godxzr

Team zG definitely has the potential to be one of the best in the region.

Given enough time, we truly believe they’re a serious contender for the up and coming seasons.

You can follow Team zG at - @TeamzG1

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