Meet Team Pharaohs, newcomers that almost staged a huge upset

March 3, 2018 15:24

There were some thrills and spills during the second week of the Critical Ops Winter Season ended.

Quite a few surprises awaited us, but one of them really stood out and it featured “Team Pharaohs”.

They faced a top tier team “D2R” on the map “Bureau”.

Most expected this to be an easy match for “D2R”, but “Team Pharaohs” had other plans.

They came out blazing and gave us a match to remember.

No, they didn’t manage to win it in the end, but they did get 11 rounds.

Nobody was expecting that!

You know us, after that we just had to talk with them. We decided to interview one of their leaders, “Karma”, and discussed the team in general and their first experience in the Premier League.


Hello “Karma”! Could you please walk us through your roster and roles?

Yes, the roster we have right now is,

- "Godhack" which is an outstanding player of ours and can bring so much talent to the table

- "p1" with a lot of gun skill and can win most of his gun fights

- "Tetillo" the player that can change the game around and help us do what needs to be done

- "Lethal" which is our supporter of the team that always manages to get each players trade when needed

- "Karma" the in-game leader of "team pharaohs" that brings the whole team together and keeps it from falling apart

Do you think that being the underdogs is an advantage or a disadvantage for your team?

Being the underdogs in the Winter Season gives us a huge advantage as the other teams haven't seen us play before and don't know what we can do, and that's exactly what we are planning to do.

We will show the community that just because we are the underdogs, doesn't mean we can't do damage to top tier teams.

What was the team’s mindset going into the tournament before the Winter Season started?

Before the Winter Season season started, our first mindset was put to getting into the group stages to start off with.

We do admit that getting into the group stages wasn't as hard as we thought because barely any North American teams played the ladder, so that meant we could qualify easily.

Once we knew we had claimed our spot in the Winter Season, we put our team straight to practice and tried to improve before our first match.

Our goal this season is to compete for that top 3 spots.

Do you feel like “Team Pharaohs” could become a regular competitor in the Premier League?

Yes, I do feel like my team could now play in the Premier League regularly because we haven't prepared much for it.

We also have no tactics at the moment, but we still managed to reach the Group Stages, which shows that our gun skills are good enough, but with tactics, we will be even better.

The team is somewhat happy with our results so far and we will only improve from now.

We saw that you weren’t playing in the match against “D2R”. What was the reason behind this?

The reason that I couldn't play in the match against D2R was that I have to work and couldn't get that day off.

I was really upset when I couldn't get the day off because I knew my team needed me and I feel like I let them down.

After I saw the result I was a bit down because I knew that if I played we could have possibly won the match and showed the community what we can really do.

Anything you would like to say to the fans?

Thank you all for the support and we love you guys, please don't stop showing your love as it only makes us stronger.

It’s great to see new teams emerging on the scene and challenging the top dogs.

It’s always special to see an underdog win or come close to it.

We can't wait to see Team Pharaohs play the rest of their matches and wish them all the best in the future.

You can follow Team Pharaohs at - @pharaohs_team

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