Meet Screen Shot, a surprise on the South American scene

March 7, 2018 13:18

Team Screen Shot has played some great games in the previous weeks of the South American Critical Ops Group Stage.

With a close game against Insanity Killers and a victory over favorized New Era Team, they definitely deserve a proper introduction.

This interview is a bit different, as we talked to all their players and the answers are a team effort.

Go teamwork! ;)


Can you please introduce your team and tell us the roles of of the players.

First of all, It's a pleasure for us to be giving this interview.

Our roles are as following;

JC – entry fragger

nD 2002 - support player (working mostly with the utility)

Ova – ingame leader and strat caller

PrinhO – awper

Unk - lurker

You have qualified for the Premier League through the ladder system, and this is the first time you participate in Valiance Group Stage. What does this mean for you and your team?

It's an honor to be participating in Critical Ops Winter Season as our team is only 3 months old.

In our opinion, we're already showing great results as a team.

It's nothing less than an honor for us.

In the second week of the South American Group Stage, we've seen your team beat the heavy favorites - New Era Team - with a convincing 13-6. „Prinho“ was the key player for your side as he had numerous clutch rounds and ended the game with 22 frags. In your opinion, what was the main reason you were able to perform so dominantly?

We are incredibly confident about ourselves, even though we knew that New Era team is a strong team and a clear favorite in this matchup.

We just decided to play as we do, without any fear.

In our opinion, this is the main reason why we have been able to perform so well in our matches.

Unfortunately, you lost both matches of the third week - against New Era Team and Insanity Killers. Looking back at those matches, what were the major mistakes you have done and that you need to fix for the upcoming games?

The third week we simply couldn't get our act together, „nD“ wasn't on his best days.

We do hope that we will be able to show better games in the upcoming weeks, as there is still a lot of matches to be played in the Group Stage.

With the 2-2 win/loss ratio, you are currently sitting in the second place of the South American Group Stage. What result would satisfy you when it’s all said and done?

Currently we do have that scoreline.

We do believe we have a good chance of making it into the Semi-Finals (Playoffs), and we're hoping to get at least third place in the Critical Ops Winter Season.

If you could describe your team with one sentence, what would it be?

The most accurate description of our team would be the following - "We're giants who are trying their best to show everyone that they're able to achieve the victory".

Any words for your South American fans?

I would like to thank all of the spectators who believe in us even though we are quite a novice team and also take this chance to apologize for the 3rd round.

We will try our best to show better games in the upcoming weeks.

It's great to see Screen Shot doing so well in the Group Stages, especially considering this is their first time in the Premier League.

We'd like to thank them for the interview and wish them best of luck in the remaining matches.

You can follow Screen Shot at - s_SCOPS

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