November 21, 2017 16:38

Critical Ops continues to grow its fan base and community all around the world. There are many content creators who are bridging the language barrier and bringing the came closer to their countrymen.

One of them is GrayFox, who was also invited to Finland this past year, and is creating content for the growing Spanish community. He has over 40k subs on YouTube and regularly uploads fresh videos.  

With his network and fanbase growing, GrayFoxhas decided to work with developers and Top EU and NA teams to put on a show for the Spanish Community called “Masters of the World”.

Let’s get to know GrayFox and his tournament:


“Thank you very much for participating in this exhibition tournament. For those who do not know me yet, my name is Alex, also known as GrayFox, I am a Spanish youtuber of C-Ops. I'm here to bring the best C-Ops to the Hispanic community. They know and admire you, even though they do not understand what they say in their videos (many do speak English but the vast majority do not) they watch your videos and try to play like you. The intention of this friendly tournament is that they can enjoy the 4 best clans live for my channel, commenting in Spanish, and involving the Latin American public to a great extent. I hope you have a good time and thank you very much again. Alex”

Selected teams


Set to Destroy X



North America:



Schedule of Events:

Sun Nov 26th

-  Introduction 18:00 (CET)

First match StDx VS IMP 18:20 (CET) with a map being played on each region's server followed by a review/recap of the match

-Introduction 19:20 (CET)

- Second match D2R vs KINGS 19:30 (CET)

Followed by GIFTS and CASES!

All players will receive 10 cases for participation and the MVP chosen by the public and casters will get 30!

This is definitely a very exciting time to be a Critical Ops player, caster or streamer, as the eSport is becoming more global by the day.  Thanks to GrayFox, teams from the EU and NA regions can not only get to participate in a fun event but also expand their fan base.  This will certainly be an exciting exhibition for the game and the community. Good luck to all the teams participating.

GrayFox Twitter

Masters of the World Discord

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