M4tt: I don’t think LEFP is the best team in Asia

February 9, 2018 15:12

No Mercy is a well-known team in the Asian region.

With their second-place finish in the Critical Ops Autumn Season Group Stage, they're looking to be a top contender this season as well.

At the moment, they are playing the Open Qualifiers where they are already in the Semi-Finals.

Just in case the don’t make it through the qualifiers, they are also playing the Ladder, so we’re pretty sure we’re going to see them in the C-Ops Winter Season Group Stage.

To find out more about their current gameplay and progress we decided to talk to one of their key players – M4tt.

In the interview, we reflect on the results of the previous season, how is it like to play in a team with multiple nationalities, and who do they think is their toughest opponent in the Open Qualifiers.


Could you tell us your team’s current lineup and the role of each player?

Currently, this is how our lineup looks like;

Punn (IGL and Strat caller)

M4tt (Entryfragger)

Flashee (Support)

Vath (Sniper)

A17 (Rifler)

Kira (Substitute)

Your team is truly international, having players from India, Philippines, and Australia. Do you consider this an advantage or a disadvantage?

I like this question because I think most Asian teams normally play with players from the same country.

There’s no problem with that, however, you are limiting your team to skilled players from other countries in Asia.

Also, we are all about multiculturalism and every day we learn new things from one another.

Do you like the changes that we have implemented for this season?

Yes, the changes made in this season have been the best so far.

Having to play a team on their server because of round balance is not fair at all, it’s like giving the win to the opponent especially when it comes to a semi-finals or finals match where both teams are highly skilled.

Although I would love to see which team is the best in the world that can or should only be determined in a LAN tournament.

You ended up second in the Group Stage in the previous season - just behind CSPG Immortals. What was missing that would help you win the top spot?

Last season we were missing our main in-game Leader „Punn“ for Round 1 of the Asia Qualifiers as he was on holiday in the Philippines.

Also,  some players on our team had connection issues which forced us to play two matches with player/s down that put us at a disadvantage against CSPG Immortals.

Coming into the Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers your team is one of the favorites. Who do you see as the biggest threat in the bracket, and why?

To be honest, most teams in the brackets are fairly new so we don’t know much about them. "AyX" is a new upcoming Japanese team with a lot of potential, so I would say if any team could upset us in the brackets, it would be them.

Do you think LEFP (Learn from Past) is currently the number one team in the region, considering their performance during the last period?

"LEFP" consists of some really good players like "Despair" and "Des1re", however, I would not consider them to be the best team.

They are definitely one of the stronger teams in the region. In my opinion for a team to be number one, you need to see consistency from all the players and not just one or two.

What place would you be happy with in the Critical Ops Winter Season?

With the new changes made in this season, we are looking to secure the first or second place at least.

It’s going to be a challenging group stage but I know we can pull through as we really want this.

Is there anything you wish to say to your fans?

Thank you for being so amazing with your continuous support, especially the ones that stood by us even when wrong accusations were being thrown against our team. We hope to play our best for you guys this season. #ShowNoMercy

Things are indeed looking great for "NoMercy", and we’re expecting them to finish top three in the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stages at least.

We’d also like to thank M4tt for taking the time to talk to us and wish him and his team the best of luck.

You can follow team No Mercy at - @NoMercy_iOs

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