M4tt and Punn team up with CSPG Immortals

April 19, 2018 15:45

It's a bit sad that we won't be seeing team No Mercy anymore as they have been a fearsome team to face for a few seasons in a row.

Nevertheless, we will be seeing two of their ex-players, „M4tt“ and „Punn“, who have decided to join CSPG Immortals.

To understand what happened to “No Mercy” we decided to talk with „M4tt“.

We discussed their performance in the Critical Ops Winter Season and why they decided to team up with CSPG Immortals among other things.

Enjoy the interview!

You ended the Winter Season in 4th place in the Group Stage with only 2 wins and then were eliminated in the Semi-Finals after a 2-0 defeat against Learn From Past.

How did your team react to this result? Were you disappointed with your performance?

CSPG M4tt - In my opinion, the Critical ops Winter season was by far our worst season as a team.

We underestimated a team and had to play 4v5 due to the internet issues versus CSPG Immortals.

The last-minute roster changes also didn't help us and further hindered our chances of advancing, especially against LEFP.

Those are the biggest factors why our team had a poor performance.

You have said in your statement, that the age restriction for the upcoming LAN event is the main reason why you decided to disband the team.

If this wasn’t the case, would No Mercy still exist?

CSPG M4tt - The statement was actually by "Punn" the owner of No Mercy and yes, if it wasn’t for the LAN event announcement, I believe we would still be playing for No Mercy.

Do you think the fact that there is going to be a LAN event is going to make the competition way harder than before, or do you think it's going to stay on a similar level?

CSPG M4tt - Yes, most certainly. Competition is getting better every single tournament.

I think LAN is going to change the way the game is played for some teams especially with the new roster changes and strategies made.

It’s a little unfortunate though that many young talented players might miss out the opportunity for LAN due to the age restriction.

Can you tell us what roles you and “Punn” are going to have in CSGP Immortals and what’s the team’s current lineup?

CSPG M4tt - This is how CSPG Immortals lineup looks like at the moment;

Starting Five

Burnz - Entry

M4tt - 2nd Entry/Support

Evo - Support

zNyT - Sniper/IGL

Ted - Lurker




In what aspects is CSPG Immortals different from No Mercy?

CSPG M4tt - Something I really like about CsPG Immortals is that we are all very active and are more or less in the same time zone.

How is your practice regime going to look like considering you have a player that has a full-time job?

CSPG M4tt - As a team, we try to adjust to each other’s schedules if we need to, so it’s not really an issue for us even though we have a player with a full-time job.

Who do you consider as the toughest opponents in the region you might face in the future events and why?

CSPG M4tt - As it’s an Invitational tournament, we know that all the teams are quite good so I think it could just be anyone’s day.

We are looking forward to playing LEFP since they are the current champions of Asia and we will be facing them in the first round.

CSPG Immortals had some issues in the previous seasons and it's going to be interesting to see if "M4tt" and "Punn" can change that.

We wish them best of luck in their new adventure.

You can follow CSPG Immortals at - CSPG Gaming

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