M4niac: Get Ready To See Some Surprises At C-Ops LAN!

June 22, 2018 16:31

M4niac is the man behind the Critical Ops mic since the early days.

Now he has been invited to cast the first ever Critical Ops LAN event together with Cae5ar.

We wanted to hear his thoughts about the event, which team he sees as the favorites and what’s his opinion about the general direction of Critical Ops as a game among other things.

Enjoy the interview!

The first ever Critical Ops LAN event is scheduled for 23rd and 24th of June.

It will be played in Seattle.

Considering you've been casting Critical Ops since the early days, would you say this is the pinnacle of your C-Ops casting career for now?

Of course!

I am honored to be part of such an amazing event.

I am really thrilled to see a game such as Critical Ops grow and continue to develop throughout every single day.

For every competitive game, there must be LAN (Offline) events in order to have fair grounds.

I have dreamed for so long for it to become a reality and finally, here we are!

Are you surprised by any teams in the event and do you think all of the teams deserved an invite?

I think all of the teams have deserved the invite, of course.

I’m sad to not see some of the teams and especially from the SA region, but I’m sure they will get a chance next time.

All of these players/teams have been playing since almost the very start of the competitive scene and you can see that every player is deeply passionate about the game.

The top tier teams will be attending the event.

Which teams do you see as the favorites?

It is really hard to decide who the definite favorites here are because the majority of the teams are loaning players since some players are unable to compete.

It is the 1st time we see these teams compete in a LAN environment and everything is possible.

Perhaps "SetToDestroyX" gets to win a tournament?

We’ll see.

Since it's going to be a LAN event, do you expect teams to play differently compared to the online tournaments?


The majority of the players have no LAN experience whatsoever so nerves are going to be of a huge factor.

Whoever will be able to calm down under high-pressure situations is most likely find himself fragging a lot more.

I am expecting some amazing plays and surprises as we see in every tournament.

Three regions will be taking part in the event (Europe, North America, Asia).

Do you think any of the SA teams would have the chance at the event, if their region was invited to play?

Of course, I think every region has a chance to take it home and honestly nothing would surprise me at the 1st ever Critical Ops LAN event.

SA has seen some improvements in their gameplay and teams such as "Insanity Killers" or "Battalion" would definitely raise some eyebrows at the event.

Would you say that players that have some offline experience are going to perform way better than the rest?

As I previously stated, if any of them have any offline experience it is going to matter A LOT.

Most players find it hard to adapt to their surroundings on their 1st offline event.

The key point here is to try and make yourself as comfortable as possible as you would at home, zone yourself out with some music before the match and get into the match with a clear head.

Players must realize that everyone else is probably going to experience some nerves as well.

Is this your first time in the United States and what are you looking forward to the most?

Yes, very excited to actually go to another continent!

Definitely looking forward to meeting the players (not you Mr. Bates) who I have been casting for almost 2 years now and am very excited to see them perform in a LAN environment.

Are you content with the direction of Critical Ops right now?

I have a very good feeling about Critical Ops, once CF polish out some of the things in the game (Ahem, spec overlay) it will be much more enjoyable for people to watch.

This event is also a big step in the right direction but also the hardest one, once the LAN events start happening regularly then we will see a huge increase in viewership, top-tier organizations, competition and etc.

Anything you’d like to say to people that will be watching the LAN event?

This is going to be the BIGGEST Critical Ops event to date.

Top teams, best players and all on an even and fairground.

There is no reason for you not to watch this because we can only expect epic games!

The tournament will go live this Saturday and Sunday (23rd and 24th of June).

We’re sure M4niac will bring the hype the event deserves! Don’t miss it!

You can follow him at - twitter.com/valiance_m4niac

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