Legend: New North American team on the block

February 1, 2019 15:41

Recently, there have been a couple of changes in the Critical Ops North American scene, mostly in the higher echelons of the competitive scene.

Today, we would like to introduce you a new team on the scene, which is looking to leave their mark called Legend.

The most interesting part about them is the fact that they’re being coached by one of the veterans that has seen it all – BlueIce.

In the interview with their in-game leader (Slinkz), we talk about their current roster and their view on the current state of the scene among other things.


Introduce your team and tell us something about each player and their role in the team.

Team Legend roster consists of the following players;

AceX69 -  Support

Cartify – Lurker

Fuyuko –Sniper

Hawpin – Entry fragger

Slinkz (me) -  In-game leader

Each one of these players has an impact on the team.

We take things quite seriously as players although we may be considered as newcomers, we’re aiming to become a force in the future.

Is team Legend an organization or just a name that was made along the way?

Tell us story about how your team was created.

Team Legend as a whole was created on March 5th, 2016, by AdamXLegend, PDN, and TonyXLegend, PDN.

The Critical Ops team was made on  August 4th, 2017, however it was disbanded and remade by PDN, Cartify, and I, on December 8th, 2018.

I soon plan to make Legend an organization, however, that takes time.

You brought Blueice who is rather a known figure in the community and who has some achievements behind him.

Tell us more about his role in the team and what impact does he have within the team?

Blueice is currently our coach.

As stated above the names on our roster are not all familiar and the reason for that’s because I brought along people that have never taken part in any serious competitive tournament.

He is currently helping Legend as a whole to better understand what we should expect. 

He also gives us great tactics which we should incorporate in order to make Legend a better team.

Which player would you say is the most experienced in your lineup and why?

I believe AceX69 is our most experienced player.

From his early Critical Ops career he’s been playing in the competitive scene professionally, thus making him the most experienced player.

We haven't seen most of the players participate in the Valiance events yet.

Is it making into the Group stage/playoffs one of the main goals for your squad?

Valiance is one of the biggest tournaments in whole Critical Ops.

For Legend to make it into the Group stage/playoffs would be a milestone for us as it would mean Legend as a team is recognized in the scene.

In your opinion, what's the biggest reason why the North American scene has degraded in the past few months and how do you feel about it?

I believe the North American scene hasn’t really degraded.

I think it’s more of going through a time of change which lots of games have gone through.

Even though many pro organizations left, this creates the opportunity for new names, new clans to take their place and allow new content within the competitive scene.

People might feel like the North American scene has degraded, however, lots of promising players have been overlooked simply because they haven’t been given a chance to make a name for themselves.

How would you rate your team compared to the rest of the scene - If you have to put your team somewhere on the ranking, what would you say?

Legend as a whole might not be the best Critical Ops team, but that’s because it’s starting out with a lot of new names that don’t have competitive experience.

However, I believe that over time, Legend as a whole will be able to stand as equals next to current dominating clans such as D2R, Impreza, Hammers, Nemesis and so forth.

Who knows, maybe one day we can get that number one spot in the region.

Is there any specific team you'd like to face in the near future and why?

I would like to face D2R

D2R is one of the oldest North American team that was always present in the competitive scene.

I would like to see a fight between such an experienced team and the new guns which in this case are us!

Goals for the next 3-6 months.

I would like to make our team more known and I plan to do that by expanding our name in other games as well.

Phase 1 of it has already started, as we're in process of creating a Fortnite team, however, we need more than that.

In the future, we aim to have a PUBG, Brawlstars and Forward Assault teams as well.

Hopefully, Legend will become an organization that will be seen throughout the competitive scene more.

Something you want to say to the community?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and expect to see Legend to be the next big esports team.

It’s always lovely to see new teams coming into the scene, starting from scratch, while being motivated to become one of the greats.

The North American scene definitely needs more teams, and we hope that Legends can become one of the names we will mention a lot in the future.

We’d like to thank Slinkz for the interview, and wish them all the best!

You can follow team Legend at- @LegendGamingNA

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