Legacy - We approach each team with the same mentality

August 23, 2018 17:07

D2R is so far unstoppable in the Valiance Summer Season.

In the first three weeks, they were able to beat all the favorites and top the standings with four victories.

To see what's the main reason behind their superb performance and how they feel about everything, we decided to make an interview with the owner of D2R – Legacy.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one!

Your team has been performing at a very high level in the Critical Ops Summer Season.

Right now, you are in the first place in North America, with 4 victories under the belt.

What would you say is the sole reason why you've been able to perform so well?

I can’t say that there is a specific sole reason to attribute to the team’s performance so far.  

Our Managers Nick and Larisa have been doing a remarkable job with the team behind the scenes keeping the cohesiveness together.  

Other factors such as drive, determination, and keeping that same vision, have played a major part as well.  

I think each member of the team has a motivation as to why this season is so important to them, which makes it easier for them to build comradery as well as chemistry.  

Add the fact that many of the players just came from the Seattle Mobile Masters with big game experience.  

The whole team has been a part of a championship run.  

That combined experience has definitely played a major part.  

Any teams’ ultimate goal is that major championship.  

With those elements combined with daily practice, we knew we could have the opportunity to be in the position we are now.

In the first week of the competition, you had a really close game against Impreza on Grounded, where you managed to pull a comeback just at the end, winning the match with 13:12 scoreline.

Can you tell us something about that match and  what allowed you to bring that game back in your favor?

We knew the season wasn’t going to be easy, but certainly knew the roster of "Milio", "Akjon", "Kam", "MVP", and "Toast", was certainly capable of doing great things.  

On paper, we knew we could go toe to toe with the best in the world.  

We knew it from our scrims and data we were gathering prior to the season.  

Once a season starts, the atmosphere is different.  

Certainly, in a best of one, any small mistake can become major towards the outcome of the game. 

Impreza is no team to overlook.

In fact, you can never underestimate any team.  

I think a major part of us winning the first match was the team's ability to keep their composure.  

Get a snowball effect and go from there. 

"Akjon’s" 1v1 clutch certainly helped boost the team's morale as well as stellar play from "MVP".  

Overall, the team itself played as a unity and wouldn’t have been able to achieve the comeback if everyone was just going for kills.

You faced Hammers Esports on Canals in the second week.

Once again, you made the comeback and pulled the game in your favor, with Hammers missing three match points.

Again, can you tell us your thought process in this match and the decisions that made you win it in the end?

I think the thought process doesn’t change from week to week.  

We know what needs to get done.  

When you start putting outside factors in your head, mentally, it can’t start to get to you and add pressure.  

We already knew the stakes were high.  

We knew their level of talent and their placement at LAN.  

Those were factors already given.

When you start to not respect the other teams’ abilities, that’s when you can become overconfident.  

We approach each team with the same mentality that they are here for a reason.  

Again, the team played with composure.  

Canals allowed for players to play to their strengths a little more than Grounded.  

With an open map, "Kam" was allowed to get picks and information for the team.

I’d have to attribute the aggressive mid control on the T side as a major part of the win.  

If we don’t get those rounds early in the match, CT side is a whole different story, as well as possibly a higher hill to climb for the comeback.    

Last week, we've seen two incredible matches.

You did beat Team Virus5, but your victory against Gankstars on Bureau was huge, as you won them with 13:6 scoreline.

You also didn't drop a single round on the Counter-Terrorist side and Kam had an extraordinary performance in this one.

Would you say he's the reason why you were able to win so comfortably, or is there something else?

When you are going up against the best in the world, you certainly have to bring the best as well.  

Gankstars has historically had our number.

Having a dynamic player such as "Kam" certainly helps, but the team knows that at any moment, their teammate has their back.  

All of our players have their strengths and weaknesses, but its good to know that at any point if needed, any of them can carry or be clutch.  

"MVP’s" 1v2 is a perfect example of that.  

I think everyone knew at some point or another, "Kam" was going to go off based on his LAN performance.  

He certainly has more in the tank as well as the rest of the team.  

I think knowing that the players behind him can get the job done allows "Kam" to be more aggressive.  

It paid off then, but with the footage out, we certainly will have to change things as teams do their homework.

In most of the matches, "Kam" and "Mere Mere" are the one that were top fragging for the team.

Does your team just work around them and make them as comfortable as possible to do that, or is it possible for other players to set up at any given time?

As mentioned previously, the bonds the team built from LAN, as well as the experience gained, has really had a tremendous effect on how they are competing right now.  

Everyone has each other’s back.  

Going into the season as an underdog also gave us less pressure.

Having a 1 week at a time mentality has benefited us.  

With "Kam" and "Mere Mere“/“MVP“ performing so well, I do believe other factors can be overlooked, but their play has been beyond outstanding.  

It’s great for the team to know in any game, any member can step up.  

That’s a great luxury to have.

Now that you managed to beat all the top teams, would you say you are the favorite coming into the Playoffs?

There is still 1 week left.

We can’t really say we are the favorites statistically yet.  

We approach each week with the same mentality and focus.  

During groups, the main importance is earning that top seed, so your road to the finals is less difficult.  

We can put ourselves in position with a win in the final game of the season against UPR/Cyclone.  

From there everything changes.  

In any game, playoffs bring a higher intensity.  

We just need to keep building momentum, do our homework, and put in the work.  

Did you expect to be at the #1 place prior to the start of the season and are you surprised by any results?

We knew the talent was there.  

It would be tough no matter what with such great teams to compete against.  

We are still writing our own story in the C-Ops scene.  

It does feel good to be where we are right now, but there is a lot of work to still be done.

What's your plan for the upcoming playoffs?

Keeping the team grounded, and humble is important.  

As seen from the winter season, you can finish 1st or 2nd but still lose in the playoffs.  

I think making sure the team is prepared week to week is the most important thing.

We have to continue to do the homework, put the work in, and collectively as a team make sure we hold each other accountable to this.

Is there something you wish to say to the community or to the teams you will face in the upcoming weeks?

We would like to thank all of the fans who have supported us from the early days when we wouldn’t even qualify for Valiance, to the new fans who are coming into the game.  

A big thanks to Nick and Larisa for everything they do for us as well.  

Most importantly, thank you to "Kam", "Milio", "MVP", "Toast", "Akjon", "Koado", "Karma", "Tyler", Valiance and Critical Force.  

Without all of these great people from the team and companies, none of this would be possible.

All the things for D2R seem to be finally aligning and we feel like this is a good chance for them to claim the title of the champions.

Still, it's rather early to call, and counting out other teams wouldn't be a good thing at this point.

We do wish them the best of luck and hope they can continue to show us some great Critical Ops action.

You can follow D2R at - twitter.com/D2REsports

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